[Does coughing make eggs worse]_ Exogenous cough _ Will it worsen?

[Does coughing make eggs worse]_ Exogenous cough _ Will it worsen?

Eggs are a kind of food with high nutritional value. It is very good for the human body to supplement the right amount of eggs every day.

But many people think that if you cough, you can’t eat eggs, which will make the cough worse. In fact, this is a wrong concept.

There are many ways to make eggs. Choosing the right ingredients and eggs can help you relax your cough. These ingredients are common and the method is very simple.

So, does coughing make eggs worse?

Eggs also have the function of treating cough. Fried eggs with vinegar, fried eggs with ginger, and eggs mixed with sugar have the effect of treating cough.

Therefore, you can eat eggs for coughing, but do n’t eat too much at once. If you have a cold and cough, some people may have weakened internal functions and may not be able to digest the eggs. So you should eat in moderation.The cough situation varies.

The method for treating cough with eggs is as follows: 1. Fried eggs with vinegar and cough. Take 1 egg, stir it in a bowl, put half a spoon of rice vinegar in a wok, boil over low heat, put the eggs into a frying, add the eggs when cooked.Moderate sugar, eat immediately after cooling.

Eat one each morning and evening.

Cough is usually taken twice to relieve cough.

2. Ginger fried eggs to cough. Take a small piece of ginger, chop one egg, slice the sesame oil, like fried poached eggs (sprinkle ginger into the eggs).

After cooking, eat while hot, twice a day, and cough will heal after a few days.

This “medicine” is delicious and has good curative effect. Those who can’t heal the cough for a long time and have no abnormalities in the lungs can try it.

3. Ginger scrambled eggs to cough, take the ginger diced or shredded, beat the eggs into a bowl and mix well, then pour the fat into the pan and heat it, then put the shredded ginger in the oil for a while, and finally pour the eggs and cook them.Eat while hot.

You can control the amount you eat, and it is better to eat before going to bed at night.

4, white sugar mixed with eggs for cough, take one fresh egg, simmer in a small bowl, do not stir the egg yolk, egg white, add an appropriate amount of sugar and a spoonful of vegetable oil, put the water in the pot to cook, eat it at night before going to bed at night.
Eat 2?
3 coughs will heal.

Cough stubborn people can eat more times.

Cough patients dietary precautions 1, the first is to quit spicy, never eat spicy things, diet should be light, such as fungus, almonds, hazelnuts, chestnuts, chicken, mushrooms, greens, carrots, carrots, bird’s nest (this is good for cough,Just more expensive), pears, peaches and other foods that are sweet and moisturizing the lungs are very suitable for patients with bronchitis. Secondly, the way to cook food is also important. Avoid frying for a while. Separating the cooking is not a contraindication, but usingStewing is better. It can increase the proportion of soup in the diet. Supplementing water is good for the maintenance of the respiratory tract, especially chicken soup is helpful for cough and phlegm . 3, stewed pear with rock sugar: peel the fresh pears and cut them apartCore, add an appropriate amount of rock sugar, put it in a pot and steam it to soften and serve.

4. Do not eat sweets such as candy, biscuits, etc. Those foods that are cold, dry, and easy to get angry, such as peanuts, sunflower seeds, and fried foods, should also be prohibited.

5, drink plenty of warm boiling water, including warm boiling water in the mouth also has a good antitussive effect.