[Can you eat ginger at night]_Eat ginger_How to eat_How to eat

[Can you eat ginger at night]_Eat ginger_How to eat_How to eat

Nowadays, many people dare not eat ginger at night, because everyone is worried that eating ginger will affect their health, but the facts have found that eating ginger at night is really bad. You can eat ginger in the morning and noon, butIn the afternoon, your body will be hot and hot, and eating ginger will affect normal heart function.

Eat ginger late, see Yan Wang eat ginger early, tonic soup.

Eat ginger for lunch, sickness.

Eat ginger late, see the king.

Recently, a similar folk custom has been circulating on the Internet, saying “Eating ginger in the morning is equal to tonic soup, and eating ginger in the evening is equivalent to arsenic.”

Many people were scared when they heard the word “砒霜” and asked why.

After reading some articles on the Internet, the truth is right, but unfortunately I only know one and not the other, and I can’t explain why it means “eating arsenic.”

Some people simply replace this saying with eating ginger at night, which is harmful to health.

It really meant to rape the ancients.

Why ca n’t I eat ginger at night?

Ginger is yang-promoting. At night, the human body should nourish yin and converge yang. Eating ginger is counterproductive and contrary to the weather.

Eating ginger at this time has several major harms. First, it makes people excited and unable to sleep well.

Second, it stimulates nerves and affects heart function.

Third, the stagnant internal fire consumes lung yin and hurts kidney water.