Stay away from hooked earthworms

Stay away from hooked “earthworms”

There is a large supermarket to recruit two purchasers. After several evaluations and screenings, the final link is reached.
The last link is designed to be unique. There is only one question: “If you are a small fish and you have a hooked earthworm in front of you, you can think of several ways to eat earthworms without being caught.
“The answer is naturally diverse.
Finally, the supermarket hired Li Qiang and Gao Wei.
Their answer is simple: “Keep away from hooked earthworms, and never be true to temptation.
“After 3 years, with their diligence and wisdom, the two have improved their performance in procurement work, not only opened up channels for procurement, broadened the variety of goods, but also achieved the goal of good quality and low prices, bringing to the supermarketa large fortune.
  On this day, boss Li Qiang’s old client Sun called and asked him to meet at the hotel.
Boss Sun is a professional chicken farmer. All his chickens are farmed in the mountains. The meat is delicious and “green”, which is loved by supermarket customers.
Because they are acquaintances, after the two met, Boss Sun went straight to the theme and explained the intention.
It turned out that his local chicken lacked supply because of supply shortage, so he bought a batch of captive feed chickens from other bosses. He knew this could not hide Li Qiang’s eyes, and wanted to ask Li Qiang to look at the relationship for many years.Mixed this time.
After listening, Li Qiang flatly rejected his request.
Boss Sun almost asked in a begging tone: “Brothers help, just do it once.
I won’t treat you badly, give you 8% rebate.
I guarantee that no third party will know about this.
“The 8% rebate means tens of thousands of yuan in revenue.
Boss Sun knew that Li Qiang was about to get married soon and needed the money very much.
After hesitating for a few minutes, Li Qiang felt that the difference between the feed chicken and the native chicken was not very big, and it would not harm the customers’ body.
With the credibility of the front, as long as Boss Sun does not say, the leader will not know, even if found, it can be said that he was careless and did not distinguish it.
So, he made a deal with Boss Sun.
  The next day, Li Qiang was called to the office by the general manager.
The general manager’s face was gloomy: “Your business ability is very strong, and it has made an important contribution to the development of the supermarket, but it is a pity that you did not use actions to confirm the answer to your original test question.
The general manager’s words came too suddenly, leaving Li Qiang scratching his head for a moment.
  It turned out that the supermarket had to promote a purchasing manager, and Li Qiang and Gao Wei had excellent performances, which was difficult to decide for a while.
Therefore, only one special assessment is designed. If both pass the assessment, the other one will serve as the sales manager.
Boss Sun played the role of “bait” in the assessment.
“Gao Wei was able to resist the test of temptation, and he will be our purchasing manager in the future.
In view of your performance, we can only ask you to find another job.
In the workplace, sometimes we are like fish swimming under the water for food, and inevitably face all kinds of bait with “hook”, explicit or implicit, or money, or beauty, orIs status.
Most of the time, it is not because of carelessness that the hooks behind the earthworms are ignored, but too many desires and fluke.
At this point, desire is dry wood, temptation is fiery fire, and fortunately it is the wind that directs the fire to dry wood.
An official who was led astray by corruption summed it up in his confession: “My misstep is not because of how powerful the power of temptation is, nor is my will too fragile, but a fluke that should not be there.
“The lesson learned is thought-provoking.
In the face of “earthworms” with “hooks”, don’t always have the fluke of not being caught and being able to swallow bait, then the danger and yourself are only one step away.
  Staying away from “earthworms” with “hooks”, and never being more tempted, is equivalent to buying a reliable insurance for your workplace.