Frequent activities of toes and claws can achieve the purpose of strengthening the stomach

Frequent activities of toes and claws can achieve the purpose of strengthening the stomach

The theory of meridian of traditional Chinese medicine believes that the five internal organs of the human body have corresponding acupuncture points on the feet.

Human second and third toes are related to the stomach and intestines, therefore, they can be used to strengthen the stomach.

  People with good chronic functions. Secondly, the three-toe muscles are often thick and elastic, which leads to firm grip. When the function of the body is poor, these two toes are too dry and inelastic, so they often have poor grip.

  The method of moving your toes is very simple. The most common and effective are the following: Toe claws grasp the protrusions or sitting position, lay the feet flat, close to the ground, shoulder width, and do the toe claws continuously. 60-90Times.

When doing this, you can go barefoot or wear soft flat shoes, which can be repeated many times a day.

  Toes to take When you wash your feet every day, you can put some oval-shaped pebbles or other objects in the basin. Practice soaking with the second and third toes while soaking your feet.

Warming the feet with warm water is good for dredging the meridians. Picking pebbles or other objects from the toes can stimulate local acupoints of the stomach.

  Pull the toes repeatedly and pull the toes up or down, and then massage the second and third toes between the nails.

For patients with indigestion, bad breath and constipation, it is advisable to massage in the direction of the toes to achieve the purpose of purging the stomach and fire; for those with weak spleen and stomach and diarrhea, massage in the direction of the toes.

These foods are eaten to create men stronger

These foods are eaten to create men stronger

Eating these foods helps men to be stronger, and men may wish to eat more.


Lean beef: Many people who are difficult to grow muscles mistakenly abandon their uncles, thinking that this will increase body fat.

However, in the synergy of omega-3 in fish, the slight saturation of beef can actually help muscle growth.

Too little saturated fat supplements can jeopardize the levels of hormones such as retinal hormones and islet growth factors that help increase muscle mass.

Beef is also a source of plasma, the main raw material for the body’s own synthesis of insulin pills.

Of course, beef also contains creatine, vitamin B and zinc.


Salmon: 6 oxidants (170 grams) of salmon provides 34 grams of protein, 4 grams of omega-3 fatty acids, a healthy aunt that reduces swelling and helps muscle repair, and it helps to inhibit cortisol.

Decreased cortisol levels and the level of retinal ketones gradually increase, helping muscles to grow.

The previous omega-3 fatty acid diet also allowed most of the absorbed glucose to enter the muscle rather than turn into sputum.


Eggs: Nutritionists have a number of different ways to score the ability of various protein foods to promote growth.

Eggs are ranked first in almost every standard.

Because they are the most easily absorbed – the body can easily break them down into amino acids, the raw material for muscle growth.

Whole eggs can also be supplemented with healthy fats, saturated fats and lecithin, all of which help muscle growth.

The egg yolk may not be ideal during the sculpture line, but don’t forget it during the non-seasonal weight gain period.


Full-fat milk: If you are really hard to grow and long, but long for long meat, don’t drink skim and lose fat!

Those are for people who lose weight.

The 16 constant full fat milk provides 16 grams of protein and 16 grams of mash.

Compared with other foods, the cockroaches in milk are generally short-chain.

Short-chain adults are more synthetic, prevent muscle breakdown, and they are less likely to be stored as body fat than other adults.

The aunt in milk can help the body absorb vitamin D and reduce the risk of cancer.

The big guys of the 60s and 70s – Arnold, it is no accident that Franco drank so much whole milk.


Apple juice: The irony is that going crazy to the gym is actually to tear the muscles.

After that, you will gain, when your body begins to repair, and it is over-recovery.

Drinking 12-16 ounces of apple juice before going to the gym can provide 45-60 grams of glucose and quickly replenish energy (because of the glucose in the juice), and the energy source is constant (because it also contains fructose).

This can help inhibit leather alcohol, reduce muscle damage, and allow you to train more groups.


Olive oil: Studies have shown that olive oil inhibits body inflammation and reduces inflammation means better recovery.

Olive oil also provides hormone-like substances to enhance insulin ketones, and like any lipid, it provides a lot of energy to help the body enter a state that promotes growth.

It can also be healthy.


White bread: You know this principle – eat less fine flour, because the coarse grains contain less cellulose, less nutrients, and increase the level of increase.

This is often the case.

Then, the white bread is really good for you just finished exercising.
Because you need easily digestible carbohydrates to restore your already empty muscle glycogen levels and increase insulin secretion to help muscle growth and inhibit post-training cortisol.
Four pieces of white bread can provide about 50 grams of digestible glucose.


Spaghetti: (pasta) growing muscle requires a large amount of raw material.

More importantly, a person with a hard-to-eat carbohydrate needs to have at least the amount of meat needed for each meal.


Yogurt: Natural yoghurt, whether low fat or full fat, is available at health food stores.

The best choice is yogurt with active “good bacteria”.

This probiotic bacteria reaches the gastrointestinal tract and helps the body maintain a healthy balance.

This good bacteria boosts the immune system and increases the absorption of nutrients.

Another benefit is calcium, which controls muscle contraction and also reduces small amounts of storage.


Garlic: How can a plant that is basically free of free radicals, proteins, proteins or small amounts of meat help?

The answer is that it will significantly increase your body’s hormone levels.

Long meat is the right nutrients at the right time – glucose, protein and aunt.

But this also requires an appropriate hormonal environment to stimulate growth.

Animal studies have shown that a large amount of supplementation of garlic and supplementation with high protein supplementation with plasma ketones improves muscle breakdown.

This is a state of growth.

The danger of eating bread for breakfast is quite high

The danger of eating bread for breakfast is quite high

Bread always looks very tempting and sorting is cumbersome.

Where are the main points for buying bread?

By comparison, did you make some common mistakes?

  A closer look at the health value ◆ According to purpose: it can be divided into two types: “staple bread” and “dim sum bread” ◆ by texture: it can be divided into “soft bread”, “crispy bread”, “loose bread” and “hard”Quality bread” 4 types ◆ According to raw materials: can be divided into white bread, whole wheat bread and multigrain bread. From the perspective of conversion, the crispy crusty bread is the lowest, because a certain kind of bread is not sweet, contains sugar, salt and oilThey are rarely, the skin is crispy after baking, and it is delicious when eaten hot.

French staple food bread and Russian “Da Liba” belong to this category, and their nutritional value is similar to that of steamed bread.

  Hard bread and soft bread are added with eggs, sugar, milk, oil and other ingredients, but the added moisture is different.

The “toast bread”, “butter bread” and most dessert breads that children like are soft breads.

Soft sweet noodles contain about 15% sugar, about 10% fat, and more toast.

But because of the addition of eggs and milk powder, the nutritional value has also increased, suitable for babies.

Teach you to escape the Sunday Depression Claw

Teach you to escape the “Sunday Depression” Claw

“Sunday depression” is both a mental illness and a social illness. The most important thing is that it cannot solve the psychological conflict of “what do and should do on Sunday”. The long-term life of couples and living alone are the direct causes of depression.
  Do you feel lonely, restless and restless when holidays such as Sundays come?
Psychologists call this phenomenon “Sunday depression.”
  ”Sunday depression” is both a mental illness and a social illness.
The most important thing is that the psychological conflict of “what I want to do and what I should do” can not be resolved on Sunday. The long-term life between couples and single life are the direct causes of depression.
  For example, foreigners, migrant workers, and businessmen from different places, seeing the reunion of the people around them and sharing the joy of family harmony on Sundays and holidays, the anxiety will be particularly prominent and often hostile.
  Similar phenomena occur from time to time in some special occupations, such as seafarers, geological surveys, drilling workers, police officers, etc. Due to the different nature of work, Sundays and holidays are irregular, and couples often cannot be together, and the working environment is endlessAs expected, there was nowhere to vent his dissatisfaction, and finally psychological stress was formed.
  ”Sunday depression” solution: first, get up early, write a letter or call a distant partner.
  Second, develop personal hobbies.
  3. Travel or participate in some social activities.
  Fourth, talk to friends and relatives.
  Fifth, do some housework within your ability.
  6. See a psychologist if necessary.

Yoga beginners must read

Yoga beginners must read

Ancient yoga art and dual physical exercise.

Yoga is a complete system that affects the mind, body, spirit, and emotions in many ways: the body (through bones, muscles, organs, circulation, and nerves); the qi (“prana” means “breathing”, and yoga practitioners believe thatThis is where our vitality is flowing); psychologically (through feelings and emotions); and spiritually (through the mind, into a higher level of consciousness).

Real yoga cannot be achieved overnight.

  There are many different schools of yoga: hathayoga (the most common yoga qigong and posture), eight step yoga (astanga), hot yoga (bikrum), tandem asana, etc.

Hatha Yoga has basic breathing and body relaxation, and gentle movements. Eight-step yoga and tandem yoga are more challenging for the body. Hot yoga should be performed in a particularly hot room.

  On the next few pages, you will have an initial experience with yoga: physical concentration, increased flexibility, strength and balance.

Look at different styles and find exercises that suit you.

  Basic postures In yoga practice, breathing is very important. For beginners, you need to practice breathing quickly and correctly.

Promote to suck, combine to exhale.

Try to complete each breath as thoroughly as you can inhale and exhale.

Breathe 6 in each posture?
8 times.

When your concentration, body balance, and movement stability are higher in practice, the longer you practice.

  Bypass fractures: promote digestion and enhance abdominal organ function.

Reduce headache pain and prevent discomfort.

Strengthen pelvic floor muscles.

  Prepare: Lie on your back, move your tailbone forward, lower waist, exhale.

Mobilize the pelvic floor muscles.

  Posture: Pull your heels towards your body.

Lay your feet flat and distribute your weight evenly from the big toe to the small toe.

Attention is focused on the muscles at the bottom of the pelvis, abdomen, tighten the hips at the back, and aim at the same time, the thighs are pressed hard, except the head, shoulders, buttocks and legs off the ground.

  Lying flat and turning

Helps eliminate constipation and accidental accumulation.

Reduce discomfort at the waist.

  Preparation: Compress and unfold, stretch your hands into the lower part, lift your knees, relax the hip flexors, and increase the hip length.

  Posture: Open vertically to the side of the body, in line with the shoulders.

Turn your head to the left and contract to your right elbow.

Keep contraction. Calves and thighs are brought together. Heels are bent to enhance contraction.

If the lower part of the back is weak, do not lift your legs to the elbows, and be in a line with or behind the back.

Repeat the exercise twice in the body.

  Leg extensions in turn: Improve the extensor muscles and eliminate tightness and discomfort in the waist.

Helps adjust the position of the pelvis, strengthens the joint, and helps reduce sciatica.

It also helps to train the deep abdominal muscles (transverse abdominal muscles).

  Preparation: Lie on your back, hold each leg in turn, and pull towards your body.

Do not tilt your head backwards and temporarily extend.

  Posture: Raise your legs in sequence, raise your legs by inhaling, and lower your legs when exhaling.

Broken muscles, contracted and raised to mobilize the quadriceps.

If the waist does not fit, bend your elbows accordingly.

Raise each leg 6 times.

Soymilk Millet Porridge-Nutrition Supplements Help Sleep

Soy milk millet porridge: nutritional supplements help sleep

Xiaomi is one of the representative foods of Buzhong Yiqi, and is often used for porridge.

Water and Xiaomi simmered in boiling water, in the eyes of most people, perhaps the practice of millet porridge is as simple as that.

In fact, it may be better to replace the water for cooking millet porridge with soy milk. Soymilk millet porridge is more conducive to the complementary nutrition of soy beans and millet, which is not only conducive to digestion and absorption, but also has a soothing effect.

  Xiaomi is a rare sleep aid.

Its content of tryptophan, through metabolism, can produce serotonin that inhibits the central nervous system excitement and makes people feel drowsy.

Serotonin can also be converted into melatonin with sedative and sleep-inducing effects.

At least that, millet contains a variety of vitamins, amino acids, trace amounts and small amounts, and has a high nutritional value. Carotene, which is not contained in general grains, has a millet content of 0.

12 milligrams / 100 grams, vitamin B1 content also ranks first in all grains. The iron content of millet of the same weight is twice as high as rice. These have become the ideal tonic for millet and elderly women.

  However, millet has nutritional deficiencies. It contains too low lysine and too high leucine, and the nutritional value of protein is not necessarily better than rice. It is easy to lack other nutrients based on millet as a staple food.

To make up for these shortcomings, you may want to pair it with soy milk.

Soymilk’s main raw material is soybeans with a protein content of about 40%, and the highest quality can reach about 50%. The composition of amino acids in soybean protein is closer to the amino acids required by the human body, which is a complete protein, of which the lysine content is high.

  Soymilk is used to cook millet porridge. In terms of taste, millet can neutralize the astringency of pure soymilk, making the taste of soymilk softer; and nutritionally, the two foods can achieve a very suitable complement.

Some people will feel a little bit bloated when eating soy, and drinking millet porridge will burn your heart. If you cook millet porridge with soy milk, you can avoid these special situations.

Especially drinking a bowl of soy milk millet porridge at dinner is not only nutritious but also helps sleep.

Warm-up yoga makes you improper iceberg MM

Warm-up yoga makes you improper iceberg MM

The weather is getting colder and cold, and many cold and lazy MMs have almost become Missionimpossible for practicing aerial sports, so practicing yoga indoors has become the first choice for winter fitness.

It’s no wonder that yoga is so popular that its effects are all-encompassing, and there is even a warm-up yoga specifically for winter practice.

When it comes to winter, the iceberg MMs who have cold hands and feet don’t have to worry. Take time to practice yoga every day, you can make full use of the chill physique, which is also very helpful for gynecological diseases.

  Practice yoga in winter to avoid colds. If you have to go out after practicing asanas, and your body temperature has not dropped to normal temperature, or the temperature difference between indoor and outdoor is too large, it is best to add clothes before going out.

In addition, take a deep breath indoors and then spit it out after going out to avoid colds.

  The indoor air is dirty in winter. Pay attention to ventilation before practicing yoga.

  Warm spine-Qigong warm-up effect: Warm spine, intervertebral disc, increase oxygen intake, nourish and strengthen retinal organs, and have significant effects on eliminating bloating and upset stomach.

  Attitude: 1.Stand upright, slowly open your feet as wide as your shoulders, inhale, hold your hands together above your head, and try to look back.

  2.Inhale, drop your hands on your legs, bend down, straighten your knees, and replace your hands from your hips to your feet.

  3.Keep your head hanging down and stay between your legs for a certain period of time.

  4.Raise your upper body slowly, slide your hands from the point of your feet up to your hips, and tilt your head back to tilt.

  5.Return to the basic stance, and continue to exercise until your body becomes hot.

  Eliminate icy-skylark effect: strengthen vocal cords, promote blood circulation, and eliminate icy limbs.

  Attitude: 1.Kneel on the ground, with your upper body straight, your hands hanging down naturally.

  2.Lean your left leg backwards with your feet on the floor, inhale, and extend your arms flat, parallel to the ground.

  3.Exhale, gradually move your body backwards, push your pelvis forward, and tilt your head back.

  4.Keep this attitude and take five deep breaths.

  5.Return to the starting position, change legs, and repeat the exercise.

Four secret recipes to help you with onychomycosis

Four secret recipes to help you with onychomycosis

Onychomycosis is a very common dermatological disease. I believe that there may be so many or two onychomycosis patients around you.

Onychomycosis looks very inconspicuous, but it is more difficult to treat. What should I do if I get onychomycosis?

If you also want to know how to treat, please continue reading!

  What should I do if I have onychomycosis? The first step is to go to the dermatologist to see a doctor to confirm the onychomycosis, and then treat it after confirming that onychomycosis, because other diseases may have symptoms similar to onychomycosis.wrong.

  Your doctor will usually prescribe the right medicine for you, including things to clean or apply.

It is recommended that you follow the doctor’s advice, and you can also cooperate with some folk secret recipes, so the effect will be better!

  Patients with onychomycosis treated with iodine can remove the nail skin first, and then apply iodine every day, rubbing about 3-5 times a day.

After one month of persistence, you will notice that the nails of the white skin slowly turn into red, and the nails will gradually grow better.

  Vinegar treats onychomycosis. Pour white vinegar into plastic gloves, then put onychomy gloves into the gloves, and use rubber bands to tie up the mouth.

Soak it for 3-5 hours every day. After 3 days, the symptoms of the affected hands will be changed, and the onychomycosis can be cured in 1-2 months.

  Vinegar and garlic liquid for treating onychomycosis Peel and rot the 4-5 cloves of garlic, then add it to a glass bottle, add 100ml of better quality vinegar, and put it in vinegar and garlic liquid for three or four days. It is simple butVery useful method.

  Put the onychomycosis in the vinegar and garlic solution every day for about 15 minutes, and then wrap some vinegar and garlic solution on the affected area, once in the morning and evening, until all the symptoms disappear.

  After that, apply Pavou gray nail water, apply medicine within a few weeks, and apply it locally until the healthy fingernails grow back and grow.

  Impatiens treatment for gray nails. Go to 2-3 white Impatiens and rot them, wrap them on your nails, change them every day, and it will take effect in about 1 month.

  Another remedy is to soak impatiens in vinegar, and soak onychomycosis in vinegar for about 10 minutes every day. It will take effect in 7 days, but it will hurt the skin.

  How to prevent onychomycosis develop good sanitary habits. Always pay attention to hygiene, bathe regularly, and wash your feet.

Socks are changed every day, and shoes should be worn in pairs.

Blow your shoes often in a ventilated place and bask in the sun.

  Strengthening physical exercise to strengthen the body’s resistance, at the same time pay attention to proper nutritional regulation, enhance the body’s ability to resist pathogenic fungi, and greatly improve the ability to resist fungal infections.

  Avoid cross-infection, do not share daily necessities with others, do not share washing equipment with others, etc. to avoid cross-infection.

Do not borrow shoes, socks, foot basins, foot towels, etc. This is also an effective way to prevent indirect infection.

  Pay attention to hygiene and maintain the hygienic condition of the living environment. Never give extra things to create a suitable external environment for growth and reproduction.

Frequently change bed linen and clothing, change socks frequently, and pay attention to indoor ventilation.

Aggravating if there is daily necessities for patients with tinea pedis, it should be regularly disinfected with boiling water or sterilized with sunlight.

  Causes of onychomycosis Athlete’s foot and foot ringworm infection is also one of the main transmission channels of onychomycosis, because tinea pedis is caused by the prevention of infection. It is consistent with the fungus species of onychomycosis.If you have onychomycosis, especially when your toenails are injured, you must treat it in time. Do n’t try to scratch it. This will easily cause onychomycosis.

  Low immunity is another way of spreading onychomycosis, especially patients with congenital immune deficiency are susceptible to the disease of skin and mucous membrane Candida, and Candida albicans in this disease likes to invade nailsGrooves, nail beds, and decks, which lead to onychomycosis.

  Avoid cross-infection, do not share daily necessities with others, do not share washing equipment with others, etc. to avoid cross-infection.

Do not borrow shoes, socks, foot basins, foot towels, etc. This is also an effective way to prevent indirect infection.

  Pay attention to hygiene and maintain the hygienic condition of the living environment. Never give extra things to create a suitable external environment for growth and reproduction.

Frequently change bed linen and clothing, change socks frequently, and pay attention to indoor ventilation.
Aggravating if there is daily necessities for patients with tinea pedis, it should be regularly disinfected with boiling water or sterilized with sunlight.

Recommended: 5 kinds of medicinal herbs for rheumatism

Recommended: 5 kinds of medicinal herbs for rheumatism

“National Compendium of Chinese Herbal Medicine” records that Gastrodia “attends hypertension, dizziness, headache, distorted mouth and eyes, numbness of limbs, convulsions in children, etc.”

  I. Gastrodia boiled egg effect: formula for treating headache and dizziness: 60 grams of fresh gastrodia elata, 3 eggs, 1000 grams of water.

Put the fresh Gastrodia slices into the pot and boil for 30 minutes. After the eggs are cooked, they can be eaten.

  Usage: Eat once every other day.

  Second, Gastrodia, wolfberry boiled pig brain effect: a certain adjuvant treatment of dizziness and headache.

  Formulation: 100 grams of fresh Gastrodia, 15 grams of Chinese wolfberry, 2 pairs of pig brain.

Fry fresh Gastrodia chips, wolfberry seeds and hydrothermal fire for 1 hour, put into washed pig brain and cook.

  Usage: Eat once daily or once every other day.

  Third, Tianma yam stewed milk pigeon effect: with liver and kidney, stomach, spleen, qi and lung, Zishen Gujing and other effects.

Can treat post-illness weakness, impotence, premature ejaculation, thirst, women’s blood deficiency, irregular menstruation and amenorrhea, headache, dizziness and other symptoms.

  Recipe production: 100 grams each of fresh Gastrodia, fresh yam, white onion, 4 young pigeons, pork, pork belly slices, 250 g each, pork mussel noodles, 150 g each of lettuce and coriander, 200 g dried tofu,25 grams of ginger slices, 35 grams of cooking wine, 10 grams of refined salt, 5 grams of chicken essence, 3 grams of pepper, and 3000 grams of chicken soup.

Put the pressure cooker on the fire, add chicken soup, gastrodia, yam, suckling pigeon pieces, ginger slices, pork, ravioli slices, dried tofu, cooking wine, pepper, refined salt, onion white segments, boil, remove the foam,Add pressure to the valve for 10 minutes. After stopping the fire and cooling, add other ingredients and chicken essence. After boiling, you can eat.

  Usage: eat meat and soup.

  Fourth, Gastrodia duck effect: Ziyin Qianyang, Pingganxifeng.

For yin deficiency and yang, dizziness, dizziness, tinnitus and headache, dry mouth and throat.

  Formulation: 100 grams of fresh Gastrodia, 30 grams of raw land, 1 jellyfish duck (about 500 grams).

Slaughter the ducks, remove the hair and internal organs, and stew them with the cleaned and sliced Gastrodia elata until the duck is cooked. Season with salt and MSG.

  Usage: eat meat and soup.
  Fifth, Tianma meat slice soup effect: nourishing Qianyang, Pingganxifeng.

Suitable for dizziness, headache, etc.

Now used for hypertension, otogenic vertigo and so on.

  Recipe: Gastrodia pork is appropriate.

Gastrodia is cut into thin slices for use; meat slices are used for soup, and 60 grams of fresh Gastrodia slices are added for cooking.

  Usage: medicine, soup

Pretty mother, keep your white and tender skin


Pretty mother, keep your white and tender skin

One hides three ugliness in white, whitening time can’t be less. As the saying goes, one hides three ugliness in white.

Whitening is the life-long career of every woman. How to avoid skin minefields during pregnancy and lactation, and be a white and tender mother?

  1.The sun protection work must be well done by ultraviolet rays, which will cause great damage to the skin, darken and rough. This is the enemy of white and tender skin. Moreover, the skin melanin is more active during pregnancy. If you do n’t pay attention, it will easily become black motherSunscreen cannot be used during pregnancy. Physical sun protection is the backbone of this period.

Pay attention to avoid prolonged exposure to ultraviolet rays. Try to wear dark-colored long pants and trousers, as well as umbrellas that block ultraviolet rays.

  2.Food choices have the right to eat more foods supplemented with vitamin C. Vitamin C can reduce the production of melanin by reducing dopa to dopa, and directly reduce dark oxidizing melanin to light reducing pigments.

Guava, kiwi, strawberry, virgin fruit, etc. are all vitamin C.

Photosensitive vegetables will reduce the skin’s ability to resist the sun, causing skin darkening or sunburn, pimples, edema and other skin diseases. People who are prone to sunburn or tan should not eat more. It should not be exposed to the sun or strong light immediately after eating.Activities, light sensitive vegetables are mainly celery, rape, spinach, eggplant, cilantro, lettuce, amaranth and so on.

   3.Applying more steam towels for blood circulation will cause dark skin due to poor metabolism. Applying more steam towels will help promote blood circulation.

Soak the towel in water, wring it dry, put it in the oven to heat it, and apply it on a wooden board after removing makeup to warm the face and promote blood circulation. After applying a steam towel, it is better to make a natural mask.

  Due to the relationship between the change in progesterone and postpartum physical weakness, the new mom’s skin has lost its previous softness, and even becomes dry, and some areas will begin to peel.

  1.Do not wash your face excessively. Many pregnant mothers and new mothers are particularly prone to sweating. Once you feel wet and sticky, you ca n’t help washing your face, but if you wash your face too much, you can wash the skin with natural oils.

Water is best when washing your face. You can also use baby soap and glycerin soap to wash your face.

  2.Switching to baby skin care products Baby skin care products have a single function, and the effect is definitely inferior to that of adult skin care products, but it is relatively safe, and the effect of moisturizing and moisturizing is also good.

If you can’t buy a good skin care product, then it is a good choice.

  3.Mineral water instead of lotion, vitamin E instead of moisturizer. After washing your face, you can use mineral water to pat your face to replenish the skin. You can also use paper film to soak mineral water as a hydrating mask. Although the effect is not obvious, it can still relieveDehydration of the skin.

Natural vitamin E capsules can be used as a moisturizing product. The specific method is to squeeze out the oil inside (usually half a capsule is sufficient), and then add pure water to stir and pat the skin, which has a moisturizing effect.
Olive oil has a similar effect.

When using vitamin E or olive oil, redeeming pearl powder can make skin fairer.

  4.The whitening moisturizing mask DIY combat mask can effectively supplement the skin’s nutrients. Although the masks on the market are labeled with natural flags, it is best to use daily food to DIY the mask to ensure the safety of the ingredients.

Make sure the utensils are clean when DIY the mask, it is best to use it immediately and run out on the spot.

  Tofu mask: Tofu has a high moisturizing and whitening effect. After one month of use, you can see that the skin becomes white and tender.

Wash your hands, put the tofu block on the palm of your hand, and gently rub it. Then apply the tofu to your face and massage gently.

Wash after 15-20 minutes.

  Honey mask: Honey has the moisturizing ability to absorb the moisture in the air. It can tighten the skin when paired with egg whites through a good moisturizing effect, and whiten when paired with milk.

The method is also very simple, mix the honey with other materials, and then apply it evenly on a wooden board with a mask brush, and wash with water after 15.

  Cucumber mask: The cucumber enzymes of fresh cucumber can effectively promote the body’s metabolism and promote blood circulation.

It hydrates and soothes the skin.

You can directly cut cucumber slices and paste them on the face, or you can squeeze the cucumber juice with gauze or absorbent cotton and squeeze it on the face after you squeeze the juice. After 15 minutes, you can wash it.

  Milk pearl powder mask: pearl powder has the functions of whitening and spotting, controlling oil and removing acne, and is an ideal mask material. The finer the pearl powder for the mask, the better, preferably nano-level pearl powder.

It is an excellent whitening agent with milk that has the same whitening effect. After mixing milk and pearl powder, let the compressed paper film be applied to it and wash it after 15 minutes.

Pearl powder is more suitable for oily and combination skin. Dry skin should be replaced with more moisturizing auxiliary materials.