It is beneficial for people with hypertension to eat oranges often


It is beneficial for people with hypertension to eat oranges often

Oranges are divided into sweet oranges and limes. Lime has a bitter taste and is not suitable for consumption. It is mostly used to make fruit juices and rarely eaten fresh.

Fresh food is mainly sweet orange.

Luo Yu, a nutritionist in the nutrition department of the Second Hospital of Guangzhou Medical University, said that sweet oranges are rich in vitamin C, calcium, phosphorus, potassium, β-carotene, citric acid, orange peel compounds, and aldehydes, alcohols, and olefins.

Oranges are sweet, sour and cool in nature.

With Shengjinzhike, appetizing effect.

Normal people eat oranges or drink orange juice after meals, which have the functions of degreasing, eliminating food, quenching thirst, and sobering up.

  Oranges are rich in vitamin C, which can increase the body’s resistance and increase the elasticity of capillaries. The pectin contained in oranges can help excrete cholesterol and reduce the absorption of exogenous cholesterol, thereby reducing blood lipids.

People with hyperlipidemia, hypertension, and arteriosclerosis often eat oranges.

The cellulose and pectin substances contained in oranges can promote peristalsis in the body, help to clear the bowel, and eliminate harmful substances in the body.

Vitamin C in oranges can inhibit the conversion of cholesterol into bile acids in the liver, reduce the cholesterol concentration in bile, and help prevent gallbladder diseases such as gallstones.

Orange peel has a sweet and bitter taste, has the effect of relieving cough and phlegm, and can help treat colds, coughs, and loss of appetite.

In addition, orange juice is rich in sugar, vitamin C, and potassium. Drinking a glass of orange juice after exercise can replenish energy, quench thirst, and add salt to supplement the body’s lost sodium during exercise, and the effect is better.

For those who need potassium, drinking freshly squeezed orange juice is a good choice.

  Luo Yu said that although oranges are rich in nutritional qualities, excessive consumption of oranges and other citrus fruits can cause poisoning, and the skin of hands, feet, and even the entire body will turn yellow. In severe cases, symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, irritability, and depression will appear.Common people often call “orange disease” medically called “caroteneemia.”

Generally, no treatment is needed, as long as you stop eating these foods, you can get better.

6 OL anti-aging preservation methods

6 OL anti-aging “preservation” methods

First, you must go to bed early and get up early. There is no future for staying up late.
  The criterion for judging a person’s health level is the person’s blood gas level.
Sleep is the best and most important way to replenish blood gas, even more important than food supplement.
A lot of mm staying up late is actually a habit of continuing the boredom of the middle of the night (7 ~ 10 o’clock), playing games, watching novels, chatting with people, flirting, etc., are not things that must be done.
The beautiful woman slept out.
Although lack of sleep is harmful to the body, it not only affects work and study, but also affects physical and mental health, causing various diseases, but too much sleep is also harmful.
As the saying goes: “The sore that you get is the disease that you get from sleeping.
“Too much sleep, the body’s various functions are sluggish, and it will cause illness over time.
This shows that sleep is indispensable but not greedy.
  In addition, sleepiness is not good for your health.
People who can’t afford bed in the morning can’t sleep well. They often lie in bed thinking and worrying.
From a physiological point of view, the body’s basal generation rate is at the lowest level after one night.
If you fall in love in the morning, brain tissue will consume a lot of brain energy substances such as oxygen, glucose, and amino acids.
This will cause insufficient brain nutrition, fatigue, and atrophy, which will make people lazy and inert for a long time.
  It is also bad for the respiratory system.
Because the doors and windows are closed at night during sleep, the air in the bedroom is turbid in the morning, and the content of harmful substances such as carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, dust particles and pathogenic microorganisms increases.
At this time, if you sleep behind closed doors and windows, you will undoubtedly be affected by the dirty air, which will contribute to the development of respiratory diseases such as colds, cough, and bronchial asthma.
It also affects immune function.
The immune function of the human body is flourishing, and the emotion is weak.
Even for people suffering from certain diseases, diligent exercise (especially morning exercise) can effectively regulate and improve the immune function, and thus help recovery.
People who have a habit of sleeping lazily often do not get exercised, and their immune function will decrease over time.
Messing with the biological clock even more.
People who have a regular diet and pay attention to the rhythm of life, the secretion of a variety of hormones, enzymes and other biologically active substances in the body is coordinated and relatively balanced, has a certain rhythm, and is conducive to health.
  The second point is to develop good living habits, maintain a clean living environment and eating habits, and maintain exercise habits.
  Those who are over 100 years old have a habit of loving cleanliness (don’t get me wrong, it ‘s not a cult-like extreme cleanliness, sitting on a sofa and having guests put on their trousers), like to clean the house often,Hair is neatly combed, clothes change and washed quickly . Think about it. A person who is always not so clean and turbid, will his eyes be opaque and his thinking opaque?
People are confused, they are completely old, no matter how delicious and good medicine, then they die.
You have been doing this for a long time, not only destroying the environment and the mood of others, but even more tragic is that your body must be damaged.
  Now some mm, I like to eat on the bed, and go to sleep with cookie crumbs and candy paper, that sweet and fragrant!
I woke up the next morning, just like everyone else, when the quilt was dumped, I went out, and when I came back at night to continue to roll the quilt, I fell asleep with peace of mind and chic!
Or some mm, do not change underwear for a lot of days, it ‘s okay to stick the pads (it can be, but the skin is abraded, not good), and the piles that are replaced are waiting to be washed, so how to prevent gynecological diseases?
After eating, the dishes are not washed in time, and piled up in the sink to wait for plaques . Although it is a bit exaggerated, these details of life need to be managed, be lazy, everyone loves you, evenGod loves you all!
  About sports.
The right amount of exercise is also a way to replenish blood gas.
Yoga, swimming, and walking are all good sports for the mm.
Spring and summer should be supported, and the busy mms are OK for a walk.
After the winter arrives, you can do some more complicated sports, such as ice skating and skiing. Of course, exercising with your dear boyfriend or husband on the bed is also a good whole body exercise.
But it should not be too much. The index of exercise intensity: 180—the age of the exerciser = the average pulse number per minute during exercise.
  Third, don’t let yourself be cold and cold is the source of all trouble.Cold women have poor blood flow, cold hands and feet, and dysmenorrhea.

If the blood flow is not smooth, the face will grow spots, the energy in the body cannot moisturize the skin, and the skin is not angry.

Even more terrible is that our reproductive system is most afraid of cold. Once our body is too cold, it will choose to grow more aunt to keep warm, and fat will grow under our belly button.

And once the blood is too warm, there is no need for these fats, and they will automatically run out.

  In fact, keeping yourself cold and getting enough sleep is the guarantee of “blood”.

When the body’s blood gas energy is insufficient, there is not enough energy to expel the waste inside the body, and the waste that cannot be discharged is accumulated in the gaps between the internal tissues of the body. As the accumulated waste gradually increases, people gradually gain weight: observeThe traces of age on the body and body can be found that with the increase of age, more and more “things” pile up on the coat and the body.

If those things are aunts, does it mean that the older the body stores more energy?

Obviously the opposite.

Didn’t you see the “pig” type of centenarians?

In addition, mm must be recognized in weight loss.

To lose weight, don’t step into the absolute misunderstanding of dieting and staying up late. It is the right way to go to bed early and get up early and nutritional supplementary blood + exercise.

Remove body waste before you can achieve weight loss.

Instead of blindly dehydrated weight loss (the effect is obviously short cycle), in fact, they have been destroying their qi and blood, not to scare mms, they will get sick when they get old.

  The fourth point is to nourish yin with water (not pure whitening water): eat less spicy, high salt, fried food, food temperature is not cold or hot, feel good, eat more pork trotters (stewed just fine, even spicy), Fish jelly (frozen fish scales), flower jelly (that is, fish’s tadpole), white fungus, chicken ribs, shark fin, etc.

Usually drink water, preferably in the form of vegetable soup or tea, transforming moisture to stay better in the body.

After eating, the metabolism needs to be smooth and the circulation is good before and after nourishing.

  The secret of unobstructed metabolism: low-salt food, lymphatic massage (heating hands to massage the lower back, helps to accelerate blood circulation in high blood pressure).

  Drainage recipe: use a winter melon, peel off the skin, and use the blender to make the juice with the melon seeds (must use melon seeds, the most effective is it), cook in a pot, add rock sugar after the juice becomes very sticky,Cook for a while and it will set into pieces when cooled.

Just use a spoon to make tea.

  Fifth, cherish their own small births and ovulation drugs.

Gynecological diseases are the biggest killer of female beauty.

Three inches below the navel is the beautiful back garden. Ask yourself: Is there any inflammation?

Is there any dysmenorrhea?

Are there any lumps and blockages?

As long as there is one of them, they are the killer of the skin, no matter how much makeup is used.

Reproductive system maintenance is closely related to a woman’s youth.

Skip this and leave everything alone.

  It is not advisable for people to meet and meet irresponsible people, repeat the cycle of bad things like abortion and abortion, trample on tiredness, and be frustrated with your whole life, etc., are not desirable; if you do,Please immediately throw away, you are not Virgin Mary, you must give up the great idea of being a virgin.

  Also, mm, overeating, drinking water, smoking crazy, promiscuity, taking soft drugs, etc., no one needs to teach you “degradation, corruption, no medicine can save”, if you are willing, please returnComing to a warm and maintenance family, life is beautiful. Changing the road, sometimes it just changes a thinking: you can sleep at 11 o’clock, you can also sleep at 4 am, life is yours.

  Sixth, at a certain age, women who need to supplement hormones are a female animal. They start to go downhill around the age of 25. The hormone levels in the body also decline, and the state can’t help but go involuntarily.Get some estrogen.

When you are young, start drinking soy milk, which can regulate hormones in both directions and prevent previous pregnancy. You can even extend the menstrual cycle and repeat the menopause time (you know, after menopause, women’s young birds are gone forever, so laterBetter.

In addition, there is a saying that the secret to delaying menopause is “the strong method of using vegetable soup” (a soup made from five kinds of vegetables such as burdock, white radish, white radish leaves, carrots, and mushrooms) + “a small amount of riceTea “, I do not know if it is true or not.

In addition, hormone supplements include: royal jelly (40 years old), snow clam (you can eat around 30 years old, once a week), pomegranate, Huaishan, angelica, cumin, pollen.

Scraping effective treatment for insomnia

Scraping effective treatment for insomnia

Core Tips: Insomnia refers to visceral and dysfunction, qi and blood deficiency, and yin and yang disorders, which lead to the inability to obtain normal sleep. Those with mild dysentery or difficulty awakening, and those with severe difficulty sleeping at night, often with headache,Faint, palpitations, forgetfulness, dreaming, etc. This disease is also known as sleeplessness and sleepiness.

  [Etiology and pathogenesis]1. Emotional injury is caused by emotional failure, liver qi stagnation, liver stagnation, fire, evil fire disturbing the mind, uneasy and uneasy, or by five extremes, fire inside, heart disturbance,Do not hesitate, or excessively hurt the heart and spleen by thought, the blood is exhausted, God does not abstain, the spleen is a biochemical source, the blood is deficient, and the mind cannot be supported.

  2, diet stagnation, stagnation of stomach, spleen and stomach damage, phlegm fever, suffocation in the middle, stomach gas loss, Yang Qi floating outside and restless.

  3, old age after illness, blood deficiency for a long time, postpartum blood loss, old age blood is less, cause insufficient blood, heart loss and support, uneasy and uneasy.

  4. Insufficient endowment, guilty conscience, yin deficiency of the body, and excessive housing labor, kidney yin wasting can not be applied to the heart, poor water and fire, hyperactivity of the heart and fire, or liver and kidney yin deficiency, hyperactivity of the liver and yang, and fire.Moved, heart and kidney lost and restless.

  [Characteristics]The main characteristics of the disease are difficulty falling asleep, waking up easily and not waking up after waking.

Different types and different syndromes are different. Both heart and spleen deficiency are combined with heart palpitations, forgetfulness, weakness, dizziness, tasteless diet, liver depression, and fire type, and most of them are irritable and irritable. Eye red mouth, bitter kidney and yin deficiency type can be seen except the main card.Upset, dizzy, tinnitus, weak waist and knees.

  [Treatment]1. Liver stagnation, fire, and acupuncture, take the acupuncture points of Shensong Cong, between the lines, foot yin, wind pool, and Shenmen. In the order of scraping, rub the top of the head, and then shave the head wind pool and then the forearm.Door, and finally scrape the back end of the foot to the foot yin.

  Method of scraping and diarrhea Fang Yisi Shencong Local acupoints Ningxin Anshen Intermediate Pinggan Jianghuo fire foot yin and gall bladder fire in order to remove annoying wind pool to regulate liver and gallbladder and relieve headache dizziness Shenmen Ningxin Anshen.

  2, Heart and spleen deficiency, take points of spleen Yu, Xin Yu, Shenmen, Sanyinjiao.

  In the order of scraping, first the tail Xinyu to the spleen Yu, then the forearm Shenmen, and finally the lower limb Sanyinjiao.

  Scraping method.

  Fang Yi spleen and spleen, Sanyinjiao Jianpi Yiqi Yangxue Xinyu, Shenmen Yangxinxin soothe the nerves and calm down.

  3, kidney Yin deficiency points Sishencong, Fengchi, Taixi, Shenshu in the order of swabbing first tap Sishencong, then shave the head of the wind pool, then scrape tail Shenshu, and finally shave Taixi.

  The method of scraping and swiping is to remedy the method, and the Sishicong dredges the local qi, blood, and wind pools to relieve wind, relieve collaterals, relieve pain, and dizzy Taixi Ziyin Bushen Shenyu Yishen Qicong ears.

Women are not emotional in the workplace!

Women are not emotional in the workplace!

Women are emotional animals and emotional animals.

Big things, even small monthly events, can make women emotionally volatile.

In the workplace, does this emotional performance have any consequences?

  ”Excuse me, have you ever done something to regret yourself at work because of your emotions?

“On our own and friends’ computers, we sent this question widely to more than 20 female online users and made a simple” msn survey “. The result: we got a lot of” yes “responses.

  Diana’s story happened earlier this year.

She was very angry because her painstaking plan was unfairly appraised by the boss, and angrily wrote a resignation letter, which contained a lot of “outspoken” expressing dissatisfaction with the boss.

Her resignation was approved with little hesitation.

  Regret came 24 hours after he resigned.

“The moment I quit my job, I felt very bullish.

After waking up, I quickly thought about the idea of “looking for work again”. I began to regret that I was too impulsive.

“But there was no turning back when opening the bow. After an extended insertion, Diana found a job that suits her. Now she evaluates that resignation was” a more angry than rational behavior “.” In fact, my boss has many cutePlace, you don’t need to be so extreme and make a decision quickly.

“The anger was because Diana had forgotten a workplace rule: the boss is always right.

Maintaining this mentality can calm many unclear goals.

It must not be forgotten that in most cases, when we work hard, we do not show it to the whole world, but only to our boss. If he does not appreciate or cannot understand, you must change the program or dub the dialect.

  JJ, who has worked for 4 years, said she regretted that she had let go of some long-term big customers because she hated the customer to give up the order.

She said that at the time, some customers wanted to “eat and get”, or the vulgar words and deeds in the entertainment were intolerable, and she simply stopped doing those few businesses when she was angry.

Her colleagues turned to follow up, and the elaborate long-term big customers were the main source of performance.

In retrospect, in fact, the customer’s behavior is not very extraordinary. He lacks experience and vision, is too emotional, and misses opportunities.

  Two other MMs also mentioned that they used to be “suffocating and not talking to colleagues”, and later someone figured it out, and felt that the result of doing so was to make the office atmosphere unnatural and increase inconvenience when cooperation or help was needed.No meaning.

One of the MMs said, “Even if there are conflicts in the future, they will not speak like children. In fact, everything can be communicated, let alone work.

Radon is stingy and immature.

“There are also some” emotional behaviors “such as crying and complaining in the office, negative idle work when unsatisfactory, and changing jobs when you are unhappy, often bringing momentary happiness and regret afterwards.

According to personal experience, these actions will only lead to a bad impression of others, or the same dissatisfaction in the new work environment, so it is better not to do it.

  From the perspective of gender nature, occasional emotional venting or headaches for women, but don’t forget to use private ways to avoid people’s ears to avoid temporary emotions and make mistakes.

Five nutrients a child must consume

Five nutrients a child must consume

[Guide]The height of a baby is not only related to the baby’s system, but also has a lot to do with the nutrition the baby absorbs.

So, which nutrients affect the baby’s height?

  Potential iron and calcium in spinach.

Many children do not like to eat spinach, so do not put it in cold dishes, you can cut it into thin fried rice, or add it to laver wrapped rice.

Carrot pigment vitamin A can help protein synthesis.

Children generally don’t like to eat whole carrots, so they can fit in different sizes.

For example, if you drink juice, if you don’t like carrot juice, you can squeeze the juice with the apple to neutralize the taste of carrots.

In addition, when making chicken, pork, and beef, you can cut the carrots into thin filaments and fry them together, so that they can be seasoned and have more nutrition.

Milk Milk calcium, an alkaline nutrient that makes bones, is easily absorbed by children during adulthood.

Although drinking milk does not guarantee that you will grow taller, the lack of calcium in the body is definitely not high.

So there is no harm in drinking more milk.

Drink 3 cups of milk a day to absorb the calcium necessary for growth.

Eggs Eggs are the most high-protein foods you can buy.

Many children like to eat eggs, especially egg white is rich in protein, which is very conducive to the growth of children.

Some mothers worry that the cholesterol contained in egg yolk is not good for children, but children in the growing stage do not need to worry about the headache value. It is more appropriate to eat 1 egg or 2 eggs every day.

Black soybean soybean is recognized as a high-protein food, of which black soybean has a higher protein content and is a good food for growth.

Add it when making rice, or grind it into soy milk.

Five amazing reasons to fall in love with a mistress

Five amazing reasons to fall in love with a mistress

1. Mistress is not annoying.

  After being busy with work, the man was afraid to go home and endure his wife’s troubles.

Because the annoying mistress is not without, but my friend said, oh, then not a mistress, but a little wife.

  -It’s strange that after the woman comes home from work, she likes to ask her husband questions.

Don’t they need a husband who won’t bother them?

And in case the husband is quieter, the woman will say, “What bad thing did you do.”

  2. Mistresses make men always feel in love.

  For example, a mistress does not look like a wife, wears a plastic wrap (women say, that is a beauty mask), wears a sportswear she left behind in college, and sits beside a man watching a boring TV show.

Before the man comes back, the mistress has finished covering the plastic wrap, cucumber, and the fruit you want to change the name, and then put on the man’s favorite transparent underwear, rent a sexy DVD and wait for the man to come back to watch.

  -Strangely, if a man comes home and shaves first, takes a shower, puts on neat pajamas, and reads “Iijima Ai 18 tricks”, and kindly asks his wife to come together, the wife frowns and says, you shave deeper in the middle of the nightWhat’s a beard!

Watch A again, go, help wash clothes.

  3. There is only one man in the mistress’s mind (I agree, maybe pretend, but at least pretend), everything is based on the opinion of the man.

  The man said, it looks like it will rain tomorrow.

No matter it is reported on television that there will be no clouds tomorrow, the probability of rain will be zero, and the mistress will respond accordingly. Well, it will be cooler with some rain.

  -It’s strange that his wife has only one man, but there is a completely different way to treat this only man.

For example, when her husband was just getting excited, she would say, “Oops, did you sign your son’s workbook?”

  4. Although this is a trivial matter, it is absolutely important.

  The mistress won’t say, it’s your turn to do the dishes.

I wouldn’t say, go to work tomorrow and pay the electricity bill.

Not to mention, you threw stinky socks on the sofa again.

The mistress will not say anything, but will only say, is she hungry?

  -It is strange that my wife always complains that she is better at home than cattle, but she always asks, or at least expects her husband to be proactive in doing housework, to work hard and to complain, and never toil.

  5. When the mistress receives the money that the man gave her, she will send a kiss and a grateful expression; as for the wife, she can say, oh, why is there 500 yuan less?

You hit another ambush, right?

  -Even stranger, my wife has an unusual feeling about men’s wallets. She always makes men wonder whether women’s requirements for management are first husband and then wallet, or wallet first and then husband?

  The above is just a brief list of five points, I think it will be enough.

I understand that when men tell the truth, the end is usually very miserable, and I still try to speak the truth for men.

Of course you (if you happen to be women) hum with your nostrils first and say, neuropathy, how can there be such mistress in the world?

Men will fantasize.

  Thinking about everything, why do women always want to be wives instead of mistresses?

Even after marriage, why do you have to treat your husband with his wife’s attitude, not with his mistress’ attitude?

Therefore, everyone should pay attention to it and must remain highly known.

The Psychology Behind Husband and Wife

The Psychology Behind Husband and Wife

Usually men are “sure” about this woman, knowing that such introductions to friends will not be opposed, and will say: she is my wife.

Conversely, when a woman is “unsure” about this man, she will only nickname him as her husband deliberately.

Take you to understand the psychology behind “husband” and “wife”.

  Why would you call his husband or wife before getting married?

Usually men are “sure” about this woman, knowing that such introductions to friends will not be opposed, and will say: she is my wife.
Some women may feel complacent, thinking that this is her identification and giving her a clear place.

  It was just that she didn’t know. The man called his wife to every girlfriend he brought out, so as not to call him by the wrong name, or to vote for a woman, anyway, he didn’t need to spend effort and effort, how easy it was.

Have you reminded a girlfriend that he has the responsibility to fulfill her husband and care about your life?

The answer is yes.

Then why did n’t he take responsibility for his wife?

Women deceive themselves.

  On the contrary, when a woman is “unsure” about this man, she will nickname him as a husband deliberately before and after others. She wants to announce the sisters-don’t think about him but me.

The subconscious has a mentality of taking possession of itself, but he doesn’t know that it is not good at all, because the man is not disadvantaged, you like to call him and listen to it, which is enough sense of accomplishment, because you can have some kind of pleasure by holding him dead.

  If you just use him as a means to seduce him, your heart is very clear, then you will not die in the future.

Because if one day the relationship changes, whether you want to leave him or he wants to leave you, you will be annoyed to make the relationship between the two transparent, and make people laugh at you.

  Before the two people reach the last moment, you limit yourself to this relationship, whether you are passively called a wife or actively call your husband.

Maybe you want to try each other’s sincerity, but if it’s just a love trap or even just getting married, it won’t help.

Would you rather recognize each other’s responsibilities and obligations towards the future?

Does he regard you as his own responsibility?

Take your business seriously?

Better than first-class children’s play, you will be satisfied with a nickname.

  So don’t think that you really have him by this name.

In a love relationship, both men and women will daydream and form a beautiful picture of the future family in their minds.

Is it impossible to imagine it?

Especially when the other party weaves this dream with you, isn’t it great?

  I’m afraid that I have too much hope for marriage, and I’m sending you a dangerous warning. There is always a big difference between real life and imagination. The reason for divorce nowadays is that they have different personality.

Why didn’t you notice it when dating?

In fact, it was marriage that awakened everyone from their dreams.

Spleen and stomach discord

Spleen and stomach discord

The symptoms of spleen and stomach of Baohe Pills applicable to accumulation of food are generally manifested as stomach pain, fullness, loss of appetite, and even hiccups, heartburn and other symptoms. Most people call it “spleen and stomach discord”.

  The spleen and stomach discomfort after the holiday is mostly stagnation of food and stomach. Before the onset of illness, patients often have a history of overeating or unclean eating, which is manifested as stagnation of the diet, snoring of acid and rot, and other indigestive symptoms.The rule is to use the proprietary Chinese medicines such as (flavored) Baohe Pills, Zhishi Daojie Pills, Mucha Champagne Pills, Betel Nut Sixiao Pills, etc.

Among them, Baohe Pill focuses on digestion and heat reduction; Jiawei Baohe Pill focuses on plain spleen deficiency and damp resistance combined with food stagnation; Zhishidaozhi Pill focuses on food stagnation and damp heat resistance.

  Abdominal bloating and extracting fragrant sand and stomach pills. Modern people have a lot of work pressure and diet.

As the seasons change, spleen and stomach diseases are more likely to occur.

For most patients with spleen and stomach discomfort, weak spleen and stomach, loss of appetite caused by indigestion, abdominal pain, and irregular stool can be treated with Xiangsha and Weiwan.

The prescription is based on Xiangsha Liujunzi Decoction, which is a combination of qi, digestion, and dampness, and has the functions of strengthening the spleen and appetizing, stagnation of qi and stagnation, and a wide range of applications.

However, the drug is not suitable for patients with obvious heat syndrome accompanied by bad breath, nausea, constipation, red tongue and yellow fur, and patients with yin deficiency such as dry mouth, red tongue, and little stool.

  If the patient’s stomach is uncomfortable, it can be relieved after kneading or warming, fatigue, and hands and feet are not warm. You can use Wenweishu, as the name suggests, which has a role in warming the stomach and warming, suffering from epigastric cold, cold food, and cold.pain.
Deficiency cold stomach pain granules, Weiqi Zhitong pills, Fuzi Lizhong pills are also such drugs.

However, if you look at the tongue, you can find red tongue, yellow fur or greasy hot and humid symptoms and acute stomach pain.

  For atrophic gastritis, Molodidan has stomachache with increased stomach acidity and thirst. I like to drink cold drinks, dry stools, yellow urine, and other hot symptoms of stomach fever. The treatment can be purging fire and clearing the stomach, using Niuhuangqing stomach pills, Huanglian Shangqing tablets,Yiqing capsules, Xinqingning tablets and so on.

However, such drugs should not be used for many or long-term applications. Large amounts of these drugs can easily damage the spleen and stomach and make the body weak.

If there is no obvious improvement after taking, you should go to the hospital for treatment.

  Onset of history, upper abdominal dull burning, dry mouth, dry throat, drinking water does not quench thirst, hot hands and feet, weight loss, fatigue, red tongue and less moss and other stomach-yin deficiency type spleen and stomach diseases, applicable to Yangweishu treatment, such drugs are also Yin deficiencyStomach pain particles and so on.

  Stomach pain, nausea, stickiness in the mouth, bitter mouth, dry mouth, bad breath, and uncomfortable stool are all caused by dampness and heat.

If diarrhea occurs at the same time, you can take pueraria root pill.

  Patients with atrophic gastritis are suitable for use of morotan. Its drug composition is subdivided. As long as it is verified, other gastric diseases can also be taken.

It mainly plays the role of lowering the stomach and invigorating the spleen, strengthening the spleen, reducing bloating, and tongluo analgesics. It is used for yin deficiency, dampness, stagnation, and blood stasis.Patients should not take it.

  Chinese people have a lot of spleen and stomach, so they can always have some proprietary Chinese medicines in their homes, but they should be treated symptomatically. If they can’t tell the difference, they should go to the hospital for treatment.

This winter package your home becomes warm

This winter “package” your home becomes warm

攻势1 沙发毯“包围”客厅  一般的家庭设置中,客厅或起居室应该是你最常停留的地方,但凡刚一坐定在沙发或躺椅上,都是感到些许的凉意,就算是缩在沙发You have to wait for half an hour to get out of the way, so it’s a good idea to do some hands and feet in a few inconspicuous places here, which will make you feel warm.
  The first consideration is to put a piece of suede blanket on the sofa. Generally, the thin blanket of this texture will not sit on the floor and make people feel bleak. Even if it is really cold, it can be covered.
  In fact, it is the coffee bag “package” on your hand. It must be equipped with the latest popular insulation plate. Don’t look at it is very small, but if you turn on the power, wait a few minutes, it will keep the coffee cup in your hand at a temperature.
  Of course, the tissue box used at hand should also be put on clothes. There are two kinds of paper towel sets that can be seen on the market. One is cloth or satin, the other is cartoon material, and this season is the first.Pushing a plush toy, because not only has a hand, but also can not feel cold in your hand.
  淘宝方略   沙发毯:沙发毯价格不高,在百元以内,如果是去一些小店或是综合性市场,还可以砍价;当然价格也不能太便宜,因为有些绒毯质地太差的话,很It is easy to get static electricity, so it will be very uncomfortable to use.
  Paper towel set: The reporter saw a cartoon paper towel set in Wantong. According to the owner, it was sold in the mall for more than 200 yuan, but only 98 yuan was needed here, but the price was cut slightly, and the price was 50 yuan. The quality is good.It’s a cow shape, and there are other kinds of models, but if you think about it, it’s still a bit expensive, but for the warmth of the feeling, it is worth the money.
  Insulation plate: Insulation plate is a new thing, but it is not expensive, it only sells 25 yuan before bargaining. Of course, these small cartoon characters can be found in Xidan and Tianyi.
  Offensive 2 Soft cloth “surrounds” bedroom The general bedroom is ok, after all, the thick quilt on the bed is enough to make you feel warm, but some small details can not be ignored.
For example, if you use the quilt cover of the “package” bed and the quilt cover of the “package” quilt, it will give you warmth and mind, so you may want to choose some warm-colored bed decoration and change the style, at least let youThe bed has the meaning of spring and summer, so that it will not make people look embarrassed.
  In addition, it is time to add a new lampshade to the lamp on your bedside table, so that the light will be moderated, and the cold lamp holder and the lamp holder will be repackaged, at least let you warm up from the bottom of the heart, even under such light.Reading does not hinder your mood.
  Unexpectedly, even in the closet in the bedroom, there are cold objects that make you feel cold – hangers, but now the smart merchants have beautiful cotton or brocade with sponges, and wrap the cold hangers, so that not only will notInjury to autumn and winter clothing can also give you a gentle feeling while touching.
  淘宝方略   床品:价格不高质量又好的床上用品,可以去各商场或床品专卖店选购,要想淘些实惠单品,还可到宜家搜罗一下,有些单色的床单100元左右It can be done.
  Lampshade: The lampshade must go to the large market or the home store to buy. There are many appearances and the quality is also trustworthy. There are two prices for the lampshade bought at a booth on the 4th floor of Vantone. The cotton cloth is placed directly on the bedside lamp.About 20 yuan, and the overall lampshade will be about 150 yuan.
It can be chosen according to the style and needs of your bedroom.
  Hangers: Hangers are cheaper, and the refreshing boss has reported a good price of 15 yuan and 3 yuan. The powder is very good. It may be worth buying a few more to replace all the cold hangers in the closet.
  攻势3 布垫“包围”餐厅  如果你想在就餐的过程中舒心又舒适,那么不妨来个“大包围”,因为小至筷子,大到台布,只要你想得到,既起到装饰作用,又可以Let you enjoy the warmth of your own table in the fall.
  In the middle of the meal bed, there must be a new cotton tablecloth for autumn and winter. If it is extravagant, you can choose pure handwork or silk texture.
  The matching placemats are essential, because you have bought a full set of placemats and can also put a beautiful coat on your chopsticks.
Needless to say, napkins, but be sure to choose warm colors.
  Of course, if you can put a small candlestick on the tablecloth, you can not only enjoy romantic dining, but also feel the warmth of the little candlelight when you eat.
  淘宝方略   餐厅所用的各种大大小小的套子在各批发市场如万通、天意等都可以淘到,当然,如果你还不甘心,在网上找找也无妨,几十元钱肯定能买到Satisfied.
  Offensive 4 laps “surrounding” the bathroom In addition to the Yuba in the bathroom can bring warmth, have you ever thought about wearing a new coat for the toilet and the cold ground?
  There are three kinds of “traps” designed for toilets on the market. One is a simple pad on the toilet seat, and there is a two-piece cover. Not only is there a “clothing” on the toilet seat, so you can sit up and no longer have a cold.It feels that even the toilet cover has a cotton cover of various texture patterns, which makes you feel softer when you touch it.
The most complicated one is the multi-piece set, which is more than the first two models.
  If you still feel that it is not enough, the debris can also be “packed” on a beautiful coat, and the style and model should be matched with the “outerwear”.
  淘宝方略  马桶套件:马桶套件的价格都不高,价格从三四元至60元不等,而价格越高质地和件数越多,如果你家卫生间的空间不大,选个两件套就足够It is.
  Miscellaneous tube sets: The debris tube sets should be found in professional shops, and large wholesale markets such as Wantong and Tianyi can be found. Of course, if you are not willing, you can find it on the Internet, 30 yuan.I can definitely buy the heart.
  Offensive 5 Cotton + Lace “surrounding” door handles As long as your door handles are made of metal, you must wear them with a coat, otherwise you will only give you some cold feeling when you hold them.
There are two kinds of different door handles on the market, which are designed with long and round handles. Most of them are made of cotton and lace. The choice is limited, but the work is still reasonable. The usage is very simple.Go up and tie the point.
  Taobao strategy These small items can be purchased in the home improvement market or in the comprehensive wholesale and retail markets.
The price of the door handles varies, and the thicker ones need 18 yuan, but also five or six yuan, but some are thin, and they can’t be used if they are cold.
Can be bought in the eastern suburbs market, Tianyi and other places, the price of other wholesale markets is slightly higher.

The first fruit to warm up in the cold winter: hawthorn

The first fruit to warm up in the cold winter: hawthorn

The first fruit to warm up in the cold winter: Hawthorn Recommended reason: Winter is the market season of hawthorn. Hawthorn is both a food and a drug. It has the effects of appetizing, digestion, and activating blood., Ascorbic acid and other organic acids, these organic acids can increase digestive enzyme secretion.

Hawthorn’s most prominent hypertension is cardiovascular disease, because hawthorn contains flavonoids, which have certain effects on cardiovascular disease, lowering blood pressure and hypertension, softening blood vessels and sedating.

  The best way to eat: Hawthorn eats raw, has the effect of eliminating traces in the body, reducing trace absorption, people who lose weight can eat more.

Making soup or tea with hawthorn is suitable for people with a bad appetite.

  Best match: boil hawthorn soup or use hawthorn to make tea, it is best to use cassia seeds to reduce blood lipids.