What is the way to prevent intracranial tumors?

What is the way to prevent intracranial tumors?

Experts say that the occurrence of intracranial tumors has caused great pain to patients. At this time, healthy people can’t understand it, so everyone must do preventive work for intracranial tumors to reduce the incidence of diseases, then prevent intracranialIs there a way to have a tumor?

Experts say that good living habits and diet conditioning, and more physical exercise, etc., the specific content below for you to introduce.

Method 1 to prevent intracranial tumors, pay attention to changes in the details of life, change yourself from the habit, the harm of tobacco and alcohol is very large, long-term smoking not only causes intracranial tumors, but our body is acidic, leading to variousThe disease occurs.

2, pay attention to the diet, now pay attention to health diet, advocate diet should be light and easy to digest as the main, to ensure the nutrition of vegetables and fruits, do not eat spicy, stimulating hard food, not conducive to absorption, and appropriate eating defenseCancer food.

3, in the world of people to maintain a broad mind, not care, for the disease to be able to withstand psychological pressure, to ensure a stable state of mind, so that the endocrine system will not be disordered.

4, also pay attention to physical exercise, good health can live a healthy life, more exercise can help increase resistance, but also accelerate the cycle of metabolism.

These “signals of intracranial tumors” should pay attention to whether certain tumors are benign or malignant, and must not be allowed to develop and must be controlled.

In this way, the damage of brain tissue and cranial nerve function can be minimized, which is currently a widely used treatment method for intracranial tumor treatment.

Therefore, when one of the expected symptoms is found, the signal of the intracranial tumor should be considered and must be checked as soon as possible to the hospital: 1.

Headache accompanied by vomiting and vision loss;

Suddenly began to ventilate, especially the gust of wind begins with the mouth or twisted limbs, and then gradually becomes a systemic gust;

Half-length numbness or weakness, gradually increasing, and no improvement trend;

Double vision, difficulty in speaking or swallowing;

Dizziness, unstable walking, inaccurate movements;

There are symptoms of endocrine disorders, such as successive high blood pressure, diabetes, diabetes, male impotence, female amenorrhea or lactation, or increased hand and foot, and obvious changes in appearance;

Personality has changed.

The above is the prevention method of intracranial tumors and the signal of intracranial tumors. I hope to help everyone. Experts say that for patients who have already suffered from intracranial tumors, it is still necessary to implant treatment by surgery.Reduce the recurrence of intracranial tumors and improve the survival of patients.

Laver pig lean meat soup can nourish Yin

Laver pig lean meat soup can nourish Yin

Every year until the current rainy season is a high incidence of athlete’s foot, due to the sweltering heat of the weather, coupled with increased sweating and increased metabolism of the foot, it is easy to make “foot” raging.

Laver pig lean meat soup can nourish yin and nourish blood, clearing heat and purifying soft and firm, folk commonly used to treat beriberi, goiter, cervical lymphatic tuberculosis and so on.

  Every year until the current rainy season is a high incidence of athlete’s foot, due to the sweltering heat of the weather, coupled with increased sweating and increased metabolism of the foot, it is easy to make “foot” raging.

Laver pig lean meat soup can nourish yin and nourish blood, clearing heat and purifying soft and firm, folk commonly used to treat beriberi, goiter, cervical lymphatic tuberculosis and so on.

Laver, such as “Compendium of Materia Medica” 曰 “Sickness of the tumor, athletes should eat.”

“Modern Practical Chinese Medicine” also said that it can “treat edema, lymph nodes, wet athlete’s foot, goiter, chronic bronchitis and cough.”


hzh {display: none; }  材料:紫菜20克、猪瘦肉150克、生姜3片。  Cooking: The seaweed is slightly dipped for a while, rinsed; the pig lean meat is washed, cut into thin slices, mixed with raw powder, soy sauce, and mixed with raw oil for a while.

Add 1250 ml of water (about 5 bowls) and ginger to the wolfberry. After the fire is boiled, the laver is slightly rolled. The lean pork is rolled to the cooked, and the appropriate amount of salt is added. A small amount of oil can be used.

Does this amount attract 3?
For 4 people.

Chinese medicine massage and acupuncture effect with irregular menstruation

Chinese medicine massage and acupuncture effect with irregular menstruation

Irregular menstruation is a common symptom in women. Irregular menstruation is very harmful to women. Irregular menstruation affects women’s normal work and study, and also affects women’s health.

Therefore, women need to know that the menstruation is not adjusted, then how to adjust menstruation is good?

Try massage therapy and Chinese medicine acupuncture therapy, the effect is good.

  Chinese medicine acupuncture treatment of irregular menstruation Irregular menstruation is involved in many female friends, is a common gynecological disease.

Traditional Chinese medicine is profound and profound, and women with irregular menstruation can also take acupuncture treatment in addition to regular medication.

  1, after the early treatment: heat and menstruation, with Renmai and foot Taiyin meridian.

  Main points: Earth points, Guanyuan, Sanyinjiao, blood sea with points: real heat syndrome, Jia Taichong or inter-line; virtual heat syndrome, Jia Taixi; qi deficiency syndrome, plus three miles, spleen; menorrhagia,Plus hidden white; lumbosacral pain, plus Shenshu, secondary sputum.

  Operation: Guan Yuan, Sanyinjiao Pingping Pingxie method, blood sea diarrhea method.

The acupoints are operated according to the virtual complementation method.

After the qi deficiency, add moxibustion or warm acupuncture.

  Fang Yi: The main role of this party is to clear heat and blood, and to regulate and rush.

Guan Yuan belongs to Renmai Point, which is the key point for conditioning.

Blood sea clears the blood of the blood.

Sanyinjiao regulates liver, spleen and kidney, which is the key point for regulating menstruation.

  2, through chaos treatment: Shugan Yishen, conditioning and rushing.

The Renmai and the foot Taiyin meridian are the main points.
  The main points: Guan Yuan, Sanyinjiao, Ganshu with acupoints: liver depression, plus period door, Taichong; kidney deficiency, plus Shenshu, Taixi; chest pain and pain, plus sputum, Neiguan.

  Operation: Liver Yu uses acupuncture and diarrhea, and the remaining main points are supplemented.

The acupoints are operated according to the virtual complementation method.
  Fang Yi: Guan Yuan tonifying kidney and cultivating yuan.

Sanyinjiao is a point for the foot of the Sanyin Classical Intercourse. It can replenish the spleen and stomach, benefit the liver and kidney, regulate the blood.

Ganshu is the back of the liver, which has the effect of soothing the liver and regulating Qi.

  3, after the cure method: warm and cold, and blood to regulate menstruation.

Taking Renmai and Foot Taiyin, the foot Yangming meridian is the main point.

  The main point: Qihai, Sanyinjiao, return to match points: cold evidence, plus uterus; cold syndrome, add life gate, waist Yangguan.

  Operation: Qihai, Sanyinjiao with acupuncture method, available moxibustion method.

Return to the diarrhea method.

The acupoints are operated according to the virtual supplemental diarrhea method, and moxibustion or warm acupuncture can be used.

  Fangyi: Qihai can benefit from temperature and temperature, and warm moxibustion can warm and dispel cold.

Sanyinjiao is a point of resection of the liver, spleen and kidney, and can be supplemented with three yin and blood to regulate menstruation.

Returned to the foot Yangming meridian points, adjustable qi and blood and regulate menstruation.

  [Medical therapy for irregular menstruation]1. Prepare the supine bed, double-close the eyes, breathe evenly, and the left palm overlaps the back of the right hand. Place the palm of your right hand on the lower abdomen and rest in the lower abdomen.
3 minutes.

  2, the group left the palm of the left hand on the back of the right hand on the back of the right hand, put the palm of the right hand under the navel, properly force the clock around the umbilical group 1?
3 minutes, to the abdomen fever is better.

  Efficacy: warming and dispelling cold, conditioning blood.

  3, the group rubbed the lower left palm of the hand on the back of the right hand, put the palm of the right hand on the lower abdomen, press the clockwise and push the clockwise counterclockwise 1?
3 minutes, skin heat is better.
  Efficacy: Yiqi aphrodisiac, traffic heart and kidney.

  4, 揉 press the Guanyuan point right hand and half fist, thumb straight, put the thumb belly in the Guanyuan point, press the appropriate force to press 0.


1 minute.
  Efficacy: nourish liver and kidney, regulate menstruation and relieve pain.

  5, palms of the blood sea points, put the palms of both hands on the same side of the blood sea hole, press the appropriate force to press 0.

5?1 minute.

The lower limbs alternate.

  Efficacy: blood circulation, relieving pain.

  6, rubbing the waist and placing the palms of the hands on the lumbosacral doubles, rubbing the lumps from the top down.

5?1 minute, it is better to have lumbar fever.

  Efficacy: strong waist and strong kidney, blood circulation and collaterals.

  7, press the Shenshu point with both hands on the hips, press the thumb on the same side of the Shenshu point, the remaining four fingers attached to the waist, press the appropriate force to press 0.

5?1 minute.

  Efficacy: warming kidney yang, strong waist and strong bones.

  8, according to the foot of the Sanli point, the index finger overlaps with the middle finger, the middle finger refers to the abdomen placed on the same side of the Zusanli point, press 揉0 appropriately.

5?1 minute.

The lower limbs alternate.
  Efficacy: spleen and stomach, reconcile qi and blood.

What is the culp of facial dermatitis?

What is the “culp” of facial dermatitis?

What is “mobile dermatitis”?
  The number of people suffering from this skin disease has increased in recent years, and the metal component on the outer casing of the mobile phone is the chief culprit in such contact dermatitis.
  Linna and her boyfriend are lovers in different places, so mobile phones have become an important tool for their communication.
It’s normal to see that Linna has nothing to do with a mobile phone to brush Weibo, WeChat, play games, and call porridge.
Last weekend, after an hour of phone calls with her boyfriend, the skin around her cheeks and ears was red, swollen and itchy. In some places, even tiny blisters appeared, and itching was unbearable. She was diagnosed as “mobile dermatitis” in the hospital.
She was amazed, and there was actually a “mobile dermatitis” disease.
  The dermatologist explained that mobile dermatitis is a type of contact dermatitis. The pathogenesis is an inflammatory reaction that occurs in the exposed or even other parts of the skin or mucous membrane after a single or multiple exposure to exogenous substances.
It is characterized by erythema, swelling, papules, blisters and even bullae.
The metal component on the outer casing of the phone is the chief culprit in the promotion of “contact dermatitis.”
Some plastic-encased mobile phones use nickel, cadmium, chrome and other metals in order to make the so-called “metal luster”. If you touch the mobile phone for a long time, not only the skin of the face, ears, etc. will be attacked by dermatitis, but also the finger parts may appear.rash.
  How does “mobile dermatitis” happen?
  Regarding the occurrence of mobile dermatitis, doctors said that when the weather is hot and people sweat more, people who often use metal mobile phones will easily melt the metal substances on the mobile phone, leading to the appearance of “mobile phone dermatitis”.
If the patient’s cheeks and ears are rash and the cause is unknown, you should pay attention to whether the patient is suffering from “mobile dermatitis.”
  In dermatology clinics, nickel, cadmium, and chromium are the most common metal components that cause allergies.
Do not think that the metal case of the phone will have these ingredients, in fact, some plastic cases in order to create “metal luster”, will also use these metals.
Experts also analyzed that if you send text messages by pressing the metal button of the mobile phone for a long time, some people may have a rash on their fingers.
  Experts suggest that once allergic dermatitis occurs, do not scratch hard, otherwise it will cause more and more problems.
When blistering or rupture occurs, it is necessary to seek medical treatment in time to avoid secondary infection. In particular, do not smear with some anti-allergic drugs while continuing to contact allergens. It will become more and more ugly to make the skin worse.
People with allergies should eat more vitamin C on weekdays to improve their anti-allergy ability.

Drink more millet porridge after surgery for gastric cancer

Drink more millet porridge after surgery for gastric cancer

Gastric cancer is a malignant tumor with a high incidence. At present, comprehensive treatment based on surgical treatment is mainly adopted.

After gastric cancer patients have removed most of their stomachs, their stomach function is impaired, and emptying becomes slow. It is difficult to digest, absorb, and discharge the food that is eaten. Therefore, it is prone to discomfort such as bloating, nausea, and vomiting.

Huang Xiaoqing, MD, from the Department of Oncology, Foshan Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital, said that patients with gastric cancer surgery do not hinder the drinking of millet porridge. They can transport the spleen and stomach, help the righteousness, improve the patient’s immunity, and help the patient to recover smoothly.

  Chinese medicine believes that “there is a stomach gas, but no stomach gas is dead”, the rise and fall of stomach gas directly affects the severity and prognosis of the disease.

The stomach is an important digestive organ of the human body. Gastric cancer is removed. Because most of the stomach is removed, the replacement of the stomach and the secretion function have changed. Therefore, it is necessary to supplement the substitute tonic, reduce, and try to avoid eating “injured”.The burden brought by the gastrointestinal tract; reorganization, but also pay attention to through the diet, let patients absorb nutrients, improve the body’s disease resistance, and promote rehabilitation.

Huang Xiaoqing believes that patients with weakened stomach cancer should often drink millet porridge, because millet contains a lot of vitamins, amino acids, traces and metabolites, high iron content, rich nutritional value, easy to digest, and does not hurt the spleen and stomach.The stomach, the effect of tonic and righting, is known as the “generation of ginseng soup”.

In northern China, too many women have the tradition of tonic brown rice millet porridge, which is to take the effect of nourishing yin and nourishing blood, warming the stomach and stomach.

It can be seen that Xiaomi is an ideal nourishing product.

If you add some spleen and stomach medicines to enhance the nourishing effect in the glutinous rice porridge, you can replace the substitutes produced by chemoradiotherapy and replace the body.

Huang Xiaoqing especially recommends the two-meter yam jujube porridge for patients with gastric cancer surgery: Material: millet, raw glutinous rice, jujube, yam boiled method: When cooking porridge, put a little edible alkali, edible alkali can neutralize stomach acid, which is good for recovery.

At the same time, the edible alkali can make the active ingredients of the millet work, and make the porridge more sticky.

Raw glutinous rice is more difficult to cook, soak it in cold water for 1 hour before the pot, about 50 grams each time.

Each jujube puts 5-6 pieces each time, not too much, so as to avoid the fullness of the stomach cramps and aggravate the condition.

  Efficacy: millet can nourish the stomach, raw glutinous rice spleen dampness, jujube qi and blood, yam flat lungs spleen and kidney three organs, both dehumidification.

Mixing these kinds of food together to cook porridge, taking it in the morning and evening, can establish the role of strengthening the righteousness and supplementing the stomach.

Going for half an hour every day can increase life expectancy for three years

Going for half an hour every day can increase life expectancy for three years

A healthy body is the foundation for each of us to live, work and learn better, and is the primary indicator of doing anything.

Health requires an optimistic and cheerful attitude towards life, and health comes from our good habits every day.

Life Family Xiaobian has selected some health care knowledge, health tips, to help you better, more scientifically adjust your body, and spend every day healthy and happy!

  ”Why go?

“” strolling around!

“In daily life, people often use this sentence when they say hello.

In fact, don’t underestimate this simple “slip through the circle”. According to a study in the American Journal of Internal Medicine, walking slowly for half an hour every day is beneficial to the heart, which increases our average life expectancy by 3 years.

  People who exercise every day, in the last few years of life, rarely suffer from heart disease, and every 30 minutes, 5 days or more per week, the heart function is better.

The researchers said that the amount of exercise is moderate and the feeling of self is pleasant, so the effect of walking is also very significant.

  “Changshida really promotes the role of physical fitness.

“Walking, especially striding, can enhance heart and lung function, increase joint space, exercise muscle strength, eliminate tension, and control weight.”

Older people take more than 45 minutes of stride exercise every day for 3 days a week, helping to maintain better cognitive function and prevent senile dementia.

Walking also helps lower blood pressure and prevent cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

When walking, raise your head and chest, raise your shoulders, and step forward, you can naturally straighten your back muscles and shoulder blades, improve your waist, shoulders and head pain.

In addition, frequent strolling can improve the correction of autonomic nerves in the body, making the switching of sympathetic and parasympathetic nerves more flexible, eliminating stress, improving sleep, enhancing self-confidence, and making people more optimistic.

  However, strolling is not a casual walk.

Walking is also very particular. To truly achieve the effect of exercise, you must abide by the laws of scientific movement.

“The first step is to stroll.”

“A lot of people’s exercise is random. If you have time in the morning, go for a walk and go for a walk at night.

This kind of irregular and irregular exercise makes it difficult for the body to remember it.

The best exercise time should be from 3 pm to 9 pm.

So it is best to choose a fixed time during this period and go for a walk.

Second, we must quantify.

The so-called quantification is to determine a certain amount of exercise, walking with a fixed distance or time every day, not walking 1 km today, walking 4 km tomorrow, so it is difficult to bring accurate exercise stimulation to the body.

Again, there must be a certain frequency rhythm.

“For example, you can sing while walking, find a fixed rhythm, and it will work better.

Anti-aging cheats are healthier

Anti-aging cheats are healthier

Always take care of the following 8 parts to prevent aging, you can use your anti-aging secret anytime, anywhere.

  Pickpocket: Put your hands on the back of your hand for 50 times, then hold your hand 50.

Frequent handcuffs can promote the excitement of the brain and the whole body, increase the posture of the hands, soft and cold resistance, and also delay the aging of the hands.

  The amount of plaque: the left and right turns up and down the forehead 50 times, often the amount can awake the brain, but also can delay the production of wrinkles.

  Blowing the nose: Use your index finger to rub the bridge of your nose.

Frequent rubbing of the nose can make the nasal cavity clear, and has the effect of complications of colds and rhinitis.

  搓 Ear: licking your ears back and forth with your palms 50, stimulates the body’s health by stimulating the acupuncture points on your ears, and enhances your hearing.

  搓 ribs: First, the left hand and the right hand in the middle of the two ribs, the “thymus” acupuncture points alternately 50 times, often chest pain can cause the heart to calm.

  Abdominal abdomen: Firstly, the left hand and the right hand alternately lick the abdomen for 50 times to promote digestion and prevent accumulation and constipation.

  Waist: The left and right palms are licked at the waist for 50 times, which can replenish the kidney and strengthen the waist, and can also add back acid.

  Lameness: First use the left hand to rub the right sole 50 times, then use your right hand to rub the left sole 50.

The foot is the “second heart” of human beings, which can promote the circulation of blood, stimulate and enhance the function of the endocrine system, strengthen the body’s immunity and disease resistance, thereby increasing the cold resistance of the foot.

  When doing the above-mentioned “gossip”, the techniques of rubbing hands, foreheads and ears should not be heavy, but when rubbing nose, ribs, abdomen, waist and feet, the technique can be heavier.