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Car love sex

In the eye-catching car market, the combination of “BMW” and beautiful women can be refreshing.

When girls across China enter the family in the face of sedan models, if a post-modern man does not have a car, he wants to establish a close relationship with the girl, and it is gradually becoming a luxury.

  Some people say that the western countries are supported by wheels, and the bottom line of girls ‘virginity is mostly ended in cars; and statistics have shown that 80% of girls’ first sexual relations occur in cars.

China does not have such authoritative statistics, but it can be predicted that with the sharp increase in private cars, Chinese girls are also eager to move: devote themselves to cars.

  Faced with the indifference of urban human relationships and the increasing human relationship between people, girls almost always feel a feeling of loneliness and loneliness.

Prior to the rapid development of cars, girls ‘expectations of love were often a house of their own, because they needed a space to treasure secrets, and the emergence of private cars just placed this gap, just to provide people with emotional indulgence and provideA leisurely and autonomous space in the middle of the city.

  Nowadays, girls have dismissed men’s sweet love letters. Maybe occasionally, because Haagen-Dazs gave the men a little wink or two, the café in the ambiguous light may temporarily lean their heads on the men.On their shoulders . But in a car, when you and a man you like or you can’t dislike, experience the power of light music together, then you will be obsessed with it at that time; especially in the night, facingThe colorful lights outside the car window, accompanied by the moody mood inside the car, which girl was not indifferent to the heart, full of intoxication, a feeling of eagerness to snuggle in the arms of a man hit her heart, naturally relaxed herself.

It is precisely at this time that the man driving the car turned his head and gave you a confident smile, and put your request to him “love me, please don’t hurt me first” early on.

So in the sedan, love had already appeared before love had time to happen.

  Those cars with shiny metal shells look far more kind than those well-dressed men.

All kinds of evidence show that men and women born in the 80’s already have advanced sexual ideas, while girls of the same period increasingly tied love with cars.

  Today’s dating for men and women has reached the point of declaring war on open and pre-marital sexual relations, cohabitation, trial marriage and other previously incredible behaviors are developing into fashion, and girls are born with the hobby and privilege to lead fashion.

So, weren’t cars the best place to go before the house appeared?

From dating to trysts to sex, and there is such a luxurious and private place, for girls in the E era, freshness, excitement and opportunity coexist.

  The Chinese car is no longer a concept, or another tricky refurbishment. Any girl will look at the man who pushes out the door.

In a mobile environment and a small height, in a world of two people isolated from the world, the feeling that girls need to be protected, the hegemonic consciousness of men will be released at the same time, and then everything happens naturally.

  Therefore, we can often see that on the already smooth and accessible roads, there will be a new car family, allowing love and sex * to walk on the road.

The love in the car allows us to re-understand and understand how today’s girls are possessing and enjoying sex *, their behavior is their declaration: Dedicate to the car!

Five amazing reasons to fall in love with a mistress

Five amazing reasons to fall in love with a mistress

1. Mistress is not annoying.

  After being busy with work, the man was afraid to go home and endure his wife’s troubles.

Because the annoying mistress is not without, but my friend said, oh, then not a mistress, but a little wife.

  -It’s strange that after the woman comes home from work, she likes to ask her husband questions.

Don’t they need a husband who won’t bother them?

And in case the husband is quieter, the woman will say, “What bad thing did you do.”

  2. Mistresses make men always feel in love.

  For example, a mistress does not look like a wife, wears a plastic wrap (women say, that is a beauty mask), wears a sportswear she left behind in college, and sits beside a man watching a boring TV show.

Before the man comes back, the mistress has finished covering the plastic wrap, cucumber, and the fruit you want to change the name, and then put on the man’s favorite transparent underwear, rent a sexy DVD and wait for the man to come back to watch.

  -Strangely, if a man comes home and shaves first, takes a shower, puts on neat pajamas, and reads “Iijima Ai 18 tricks”, and kindly asks his wife to come together, the wife frowns and says, you shave deeper in the middle of the nightWhat’s a beard!

Watch A again, go, help wash clothes.

  3. There is only one man in the mistress’s mind (I agree, maybe pretend, but at least pretend), everything is based on the opinion of the man.

  The man said, it looks like it will rain tomorrow.

No matter it is reported on television that there will be no clouds tomorrow, the probability of rain will be zero, and the mistress will respond accordingly. Well, it will be cooler with some rain.

  -It’s strange that his wife has only one man, but there is a completely different way to treat this only man.

For example, when her husband was just getting excited, she would say, “Oops, did you sign your son’s workbook?”

  4. Although this is a trivial matter, it is absolutely important.

  The mistress won’t say, it’s your turn to do the dishes.

I wouldn’t say, go to work tomorrow and pay the electricity bill.

Not to mention, you threw stinky socks on the sofa again.

The mistress will not say anything, but will only say, is she hungry?

  -It is strange that my wife always complains that she is better at home than cattle, but she always asks, or at least expects her husband to be proactive in doing housework, to work hard and to complain, and never toil.

  5. When the mistress receives the money that the man gave her, she will send a kiss and a grateful expression; as for the wife, she can say, oh, why is there 500 yuan less?

You hit another ambush, right?

  -Even stranger, my wife has an unusual feeling about men’s wallets. She always makes men wonder whether women’s requirements for management are first husband and then wallet, or wallet first and then husband?

  The above is just a brief list of five points, I think it will be enough.

I understand that when men tell the truth, the end is usually very miserable, and I still try to speak the truth for men.

Of course you (if you happen to be women) hum with your nostrils first and say, neuropathy, how can there be such mistress in the world?

Men will fantasize.

  Thinking about everything, why do women always want to be wives instead of mistresses?

Even after marriage, why do you have to treat your husband with his wife’s attitude, not with his mistress’ attitude?

Therefore, everyone should pay attention to it and must remain highly known.

This winter package your home becomes warm

This winter “package” your home becomes warm

攻势1 沙发毯“包围”客厅  一般的家庭设置中,客厅或起居室应该是你最常停留的地方,但凡刚一坐定在沙发或躺椅上,都是感到些许的凉意,就算是缩在沙发You have to wait for half an hour to get out of the way, so it’s a good idea to do some hands and feet in a few inconspicuous places here, which will make you feel warm.
  The first consideration is to put a piece of suede blanket on the sofa. Generally, the thin blanket of this texture will not sit on the floor and make people feel bleak. Even if it is really cold, it can be covered.
  In fact, it is the coffee bag “package” on your hand. It must be equipped with the latest popular insulation plate. Don’t look at it is very small, but if you turn on the power, wait a few minutes, it will keep the coffee cup in your hand at a temperature.
  Of course, the tissue box used at hand should also be put on clothes. There are two kinds of paper towel sets that can be seen on the market. One is cloth or satin, the other is cartoon material, and this season is the first.Pushing a plush toy, because not only has a hand, but also can not feel cold in your hand.
  淘宝方略   沙发毯:沙发毯价格不高,在百元以内,如果是去一些小店或是综合性市场,还可以砍价;当然价格也不能太便宜,因为有些绒毯质地太差的话,很It is easy to get static electricity, so it will be very uncomfortable to use.
  Paper towel set: The reporter saw a cartoon paper towel set in Wantong. According to the owner, it was sold in the mall for more than 200 yuan, but only 98 yuan was needed here, but the price was cut slightly, and the price was 50 yuan. The quality is good.It’s a cow shape, and there are other kinds of models, but if you think about it, it’s still a bit expensive, but for the warmth of the feeling, it is worth the money.
  Insulation plate: Insulation plate is a new thing, but it is not expensive, it only sells 25 yuan before bargaining. Of course, these small cartoon characters can be found in Xidan and Tianyi.
  Offensive 2 Soft cloth “surrounds” bedroom The general bedroom is ok, after all, the thick quilt on the bed is enough to make you feel warm, but some small details can not be ignored.
For example, if you use the quilt cover of the “package” bed and the quilt cover of the “package” quilt, it will give you warmth and mind, so you may want to choose some warm-colored bed decoration and change the style, at least let youThe bed has the meaning of spring and summer, so that it will not make people look embarrassed.
  In addition, it is time to add a new lampshade to the lamp on your bedside table, so that the light will be moderated, and the cold lamp holder and the lamp holder will be repackaged, at least let you warm up from the bottom of the heart, even under such light.Reading does not hinder your mood.
  Unexpectedly, even in the closet in the bedroom, there are cold objects that make you feel cold – hangers, but now the smart merchants have beautiful cotton or brocade with sponges, and wrap the cold hangers, so that not only will notInjury to autumn and winter clothing can also give you a gentle feeling while touching.
  淘宝方略   床品:价格不高质量又好的床上用品,可以去各商场或床品专卖店选购,要想淘些实惠单品,还可到宜家搜罗一下,有些单色的床单100元左右It can be done.
  Lampshade: The lampshade must go to the large market or the home store to buy. There are many appearances and the quality is also trustworthy. There are two prices for the lampshade bought at a booth on the 4th floor of Vantone. The cotton cloth is placed directly on the bedside lamp.About 20 yuan, and the overall lampshade will be about 150 yuan.
It can be chosen according to the style and needs of your bedroom.
  Hangers: Hangers are cheaper, and the refreshing boss has reported a good price of 15 yuan and 3 yuan. The powder is very good. It may be worth buying a few more to replace all the cold hangers in the closet.
  攻势3 布垫“包围”餐厅  如果你想在就餐的过程中舒心又舒适,那么不妨来个“大包围”,因为小至筷子,大到台布,只要你想得到,既起到装饰作用,又可以Let you enjoy the warmth of your own table in the fall.
  In the middle of the meal bed, there must be a new cotton tablecloth for autumn and winter. If it is extravagant, you can choose pure handwork or silk texture.
  The matching placemats are essential, because you have bought a full set of placemats and can also put a beautiful coat on your chopsticks.
Needless to say, napkins, but be sure to choose warm colors.
  Of course, if you can put a small candlestick on the tablecloth, you can not only enjoy romantic dining, but also feel the warmth of the little candlelight when you eat.
  淘宝方略   餐厅所用的各种大大小小的套子在各批发市场如万通、天意等都可以淘到,当然,如果你还不甘心,在网上找找也无妨,几十元钱肯定能买到Satisfied.
  Offensive 4 laps “surrounding” the bathroom In addition to the Yuba in the bathroom can bring warmth, have you ever thought about wearing a new coat for the toilet and the cold ground?
  There are three kinds of “traps” designed for toilets on the market. One is a simple pad on the toilet seat, and there is a two-piece cover. Not only is there a “clothing” on the toilet seat, so you can sit up and no longer have a cold.It feels that even the toilet cover has a cotton cover of various texture patterns, which makes you feel softer when you touch it.
The most complicated one is the multi-piece set, which is more than the first two models.
  If you still feel that it is not enough, the debris can also be “packed” on a beautiful coat, and the style and model should be matched with the “outerwear”.
  淘宝方略  马桶套件:马桶套件的价格都不高,价格从三四元至60元不等,而价格越高质地和件数越多,如果你家卫生间的空间不大,选个两件套就足够It is.
  Miscellaneous tube sets: The debris tube sets should be found in professional shops, and large wholesale markets such as Wantong and Tianyi can be found. Of course, if you are not willing, you can find it on the Internet, 30 yuan.I can definitely buy the heart.
  Offensive 5 Cotton + Lace “surrounding” door handles As long as your door handles are made of metal, you must wear them with a coat, otherwise you will only give you some cold feeling when you hold them.
There are two kinds of different door handles on the market, which are designed with long and round handles. Most of them are made of cotton and lace. The choice is limited, but the work is still reasonable. The usage is very simple.Go up and tie the point.
  Taobao strategy These small items can be purchased in the home improvement market or in the comprehensive wholesale and retail markets.
The price of the door handles varies, and the thicker ones need 18 yuan, but also five or six yuan, but some are thin, and they can’t be used if they are cold.
Can be bought in the eastern suburbs market, Tianyi and other places, the price of other wholesale markets is slightly higher.

Must know the 8 summer health tips

Must know the 8 summer health tips

The most inseparable in the hot summer is: summer health tips, we don’t look at these little knowledge, in fact, their role in life is very important; they all know that there are three defenses in summer, namely: heatstroke prevention, sun protection, anti-mosquito, exceptIn addition to this general statement, there are still some details that need attention?

Let’s take a look at it together!


Drink plenty of water every day to drink seven or eight glasses of boiled water, you can add the right amount of honey in the water.

In summer, people’s physical energy consumption is extremely fast, and honey can quickly replenish the energy needed by the human body.

Water is an important part of the body’s non-medicinal, organs, muscles, blood, hair, bones, teeth, rich in water, there will be more water loss in summer, if not timely hydration will seriously affect health, easy to dry skin, wrinklesIncrease and accelerate the aging of the human body.

Like honey water, mineral water, cold tea, milk, apple juice are ideal thirst quenching drinks.


Yang Yang, “The Yellow Emperor’s Internal Classics, Su Wen, and the Four-Tune,” said: “Summer March, this is a show, the heavens and the earth, the real thing.”

Get up early in the night, do not hate the day, make the mind no anger, make Huaying into a show, so that the gas is vented, if the love is outside, this summer should be the health, the way to health.

“In the hot summer, many people will suffer from air-conditioning diseases. Some people have air conditioners during the day and night. The indoor and outdoor temperature difference can reach several degrees. Plus a large amount of ice-cold drinks, it will definitely hurt the yang.

Therefore, pay attention to the living environment should not be too excessive, do not eat too much frozen and cold food, the temperature of the night air conditioning should not be too low, preferably at 26 degrees or more, not in the open air and cold places.


Diet and supplement in the diet nourishing, hot days to clear, spleen, phlegm and dampness as the principle.

Fat and sweet taste and hot and dry products should not be eaten, but should choose foods with light and nourishing effect.

Sweet and moist food: wheat, sorghum, barley, tofu, white lentils, black sesame, potato, cabbage, lettuce, asparagus, spinach, melon, watermelon, etc.

Spleen and nourish the stomach, nourishing yin and qi food: spinach, medlar, white, tomatoes, carrots, eggs, apples, milk, grapes, lotus seeds, mulberry, glutinous, goose, herring, squid, squid, barley powder.

Heat and dampness, heat and detoxification food: mung bean, broad bean, red bean, soybean, raw radish, eggplant, cabbage, celery, alfalfa, coix seed, melon, watermelon, melon, loofah, cucumber, melon, bitter gourd, chrysanthemum, lotus leaf, tea and so on.


Potassium supplements sweat more in summer, more potassium ions are lost with sweat, resulting in hypokalemia, which can cause fatigue, dizziness, loss of appetite and other symptoms.

The most effective way to prevent potassium deficiency in hot days is to eat more potassium-containing foods. Fresh vegetables and fruits contain more potassium. You can eat more strawberries, apricots, lychees, peaches, plums, etc.; vegetables include green onions, celery, edamame, etc.Can also be potassium.

Tea also contains potassium carbonate, hot tea and more tea, both to cool off, but also to add potassium, can be described as two birds with one stone.


Supplementing salt and vitamins In the summer, a large amount of sweat perspiration and sodium chloride loss are more, so you should pay attention to the supplement of salt while replenishing water.

Some salt water can be added every day to keep the acid-base balance and osmotic pressure relatively stable.

Nutritionists also recommend: in the hot season, it is best to supplement vitamin B1, vitamin B2 2 mg, and calcium 1 g per day. This can reduce the consumption of carbohydrates and tissue proteins in the body and is beneficial to human health.

Therefore, in the summer should eat more of the above nutritious foods, such as watermelon, cucumber, tomato, beans and their products, animal liver, shrimp skin, etc., can also be some fruit juice.


Wear dark clothes and dark clothes will absorb the sun, so that the body temperature rises hot and dry; at the same time, mosquitoes have a darkening habit, dark colors are easy to attract mosquitoes, especially black.


The alkaloids contained in the bitter-flavored foods from the “bitter” have the effect of eliminating heat and heat, promoting blood circulation, relaxing blood vessels and other pharmacological effects.

Eat a bitter taste food on a hot day, which can clear your heart and relieve trouble, refresh your mind, and increase your appetite, spleen and stomach.

Bitter melon: Take its unripe and tender fruit as a vegetable. The ripe fruit can be eaten raw. It can be mixed with cold meat and can be fried with meat. It is soft and refreshing and has a unique flavor.

Bitter gourd has the effect of increasing appetite, helping digestion, removing heat and evil, relieving fatigue, clearing the mind and eyesight.

In addition, bitter vegetables, tea, coffee and other bitter foods or as appropriate.

It should be noted that eating bitter foods should not be excessive, otherwise it may cause nausea, vomiting and other symptoms.


Pay attention to skin itching in summer, itching due to sun exposure, dry pain, can apply a small amount of skin and easy ointment, do not use hot water to wash, should not be washed with alkaline soap, so as not to irritate the skin, aggravating symptoms.
  Tips: The above summer health tips are introduced, I hope to help everyone, summer is a season of passion, everyone can not spend it, you must spend your body, you must adjust your body,Let yourself have a cool summer!

Old man with a bow and a good mood every day

Old man with a bow and a good mood every day

“Go, it’s a little bit bent.” Wang Laotai sipped his neighbor and walked together.

In the community near Qianfo Mountain in Shandong, there are a large number of well-known old people.

Dozens of old people, going out together every morning and evening, went out to the lake, strolled to the lake, went to the park to walk the dog, everyone talked and laughed, so lively.

“Before I was bent, it was boring.

Now everyone, together, often exchange ideas, and occasionally discuss social hotspots, very interesting.

“Wang Laotai introduced that at the beginning, it was a good sister who was going to be good. Later, everyone came to join. Now there are dozens of people in the Bend, and they are all going out.

Everyone chats on the sidelines, the speed is not fast or slow, a few laps, the body is slightly sweaty, and exercise and happy.

  “遛遛族” also organizes activities, and everyone often climbs, photographs and sings together.

A few times down, the elderly in the community have become good friends. Whoever has difficulties in peacetime, everyone imitates a helping hand.

A while ago, Uncle Lin, who was not around her, accidentally broke the leg down the stairs. The members of the Bengbu family bought food for him, cleaned up the house, and made Lin Uncle feel warm.

  The old man’s bend is an activity that is carried out every day. One day after another, it is inevitable that monotony is boring.

Group a “bend group” that allows you to exercise every day, which is good for your health, alternatives, and your partner, so you can soothe your mood and make yourself more cheerful.

The most important thing is to open up the communication space of the elderly and let the elderly find a sense of belonging, which is conducive to longevity.

Unusual body shaping underwear

Unusual body shaping underwear

There are mainly reasons for the deformation of women’s body: the first is the aging deformation caused by age growth; the second is the postpartum deformation caused by muscle and slight relaxation and systemic endocrine changes after reproduction; the third is due to overnutritionOr limb obesity caused by endocrine disorders; the fourth is the damage caused to the body by wearing the wrong underwear.

  Among them, wearing the wrong underwear on the destruction of the female body is generally not paying attention.

  From the upper body, wearing a large bra, you will not be able to hold up the breast, causing the breast to sag; wearing a small bra will compress the breast, causing the breast to rupture and expand; the cup is not tightly wrapped, will cut the breast, the breast willA part of the cup is extruded to form a “breast” under the armpit, and the back end of the stomach is widened.

  From the lower body, wearing bikini-type underpants will cut the buttocks, so that the muscles and ankles of the buttocks are separated into two parts, and at the same time, the thighs are drooped, causing small steps and thick thighs; wearing tight underwear, willCompression of the humerus, causing a hip fracture; wearing too large underwear will cause the hips to sag; wearing short underwear, will cut the abdomen, causing two sections of the abdomen, destroying the female body.

  From the waist and abdomen, wearing a tight underwear without wearing a waist clip will stretch the muscles and aunt from the lower edge of the bra and the upper edge of the underwear, making the waist loose and the waist thicker; while wearing the incorrect waist clip,The muscles will be slightly expanded from the upper and lower ends of the waist clip to form severe excess meat, causing serious damage to the female body.

  In the current market, there are three types of women’s underwear: one is ordinary underwear, the other is decorative underwear, and the third is body shaping underwear.

The three underwear functions are not the same, and the market prices are also very different.

Ordinary underwear tens of dollars, decorative underwear one hundred and two hundred yuan, while body shaping underwear such as: 妒 five or six hundred yuan, Ou Rui set of underwear six or seven thousand yuan.

In addition to the brand factors, the price difference is not the same in terms of material selection and design concept. The function of ordinary underwear only serves as a cover body. Decorative underwear is a fashionable style, while body shaping underwear has a body.The role of the introduction of underwear design with human aesthetic principles, ergonomic principles and medical principles is a new stage in the development of underwear.

However, the price of body-wearing underwear is high, and it is difficult to make it a mass item. For example, Ou Rui body underwear can only be accepted by a few white-collar ladies who know the goods.

However, some people said that the body shaping underwear will become a mass cargo sooner or later, and the price factor will not hinder the body shaping underwear from entering the market. Because the price of an early decorative underwear is one or two hundred yuan, it has been considered as a price for some people. Now the price is not alreadyIs it completely accepted by people?

New aesthetic standards: fattening products may replace weight loss products

New aesthetic standards: fattening products may replace weight loss products

Experts predict that the winds of “fullness of beauty” that have gradually begun to blow up in Europe and the United States will gradually enter the trend of East Asia. At that time, fattening products may roll away the prevailing weight loss products and hollow out.It will be the wallet of “Bone Beauty”.

  The girls around 34-24-34 were ignored by people before, because no one knows that they should design some kind of clothes to satisfy such a full body shape, but now they are already popular in the United States.

In the past, the eyes of the hunters were concentrated on the skinny beauty of the flat chest and small buttocks. Now it is different. The breasts and fat buttocks are beautiful.

  The new aesthetic standards are a good thing for those who pursue fashion, they don’t need to lose weight.

In the past, the society was generally thin and beautiful, and the woman who was full of blood felt a kind of pressure, so she had to give up her health, only to have a slim body.

  I do not know from when, the advertising of all kinds of weight loss products can be described as overwhelming, weight loss equipment, corsets, slimming tea, diet food powder debut.

The endless speculation of the merchants is extremely inflammatory, and they convey a common message — “to let the body burn by chance”, there is a determination not to mold the world into a devil figure.

As a result, the voices of “slimming”, “slimming” and “shaping” are getting higher and higher.

Can not help the grievances of advertising products, the people who are self-examination of the mirror can always pick out their own shortcomings.

  Originally, there are a lot of stunners in the world of devils, and a few of them are turned into cover girls and movie stars.

Under the visual stimulation of the beautiful women who have been beautified by modern film and television technology, they are hoping that “people are thinner than yellow flowers”.

It’s a pity that genetics may work, often because it’s thinner, not thin, or thin and thin, the milk is no longer fat, the hips are no longer fat, and it’s self-defeating.

But the most effective thing is to smash your own pockets and drum up the merchant’s purse.

  Nowadays, girls do not have to remove the aunt’s aunt when doing cosmetic surgery. The busty chest poses youthful and charming; some people do not have to go on a diet to pursue a pair of stovepipes. The healthy and well-proportioned legs are beautiful.
  In fact, the human body is a little fat or thin, and a thousand people have a thousand standards.

Yan thin ring fat, each has some love, fat is plump, thin is slim, all the same graceful.

Moreover, fat and thin are often complementary.

Among the couples who are on the streets, tall and strong men are carrying a small bird and a small woman, but there are also a few full-fledged women happily carrying thin and thin men.

This shows that people always want to have what they lack, become enthusiastic and cheerful people to appreciate the dignified and quiet temperament, and the fangs lament that they lack the trait of “silence is gold.”

  In fact, the first thing we want to see is a healthy woman, and then we are qualified to talk about beauty.

Grab the hidden poisonous gas murder in the home

Grab the hidden “poisonous gas” murder in the home

As the home design and decoration market is booming, indoor air pollution problems are getting more and more attention.
  Some experts pointed out that after experiencing the “smoke-type pollution” and “photochemical smog-type pollution” brought about by the industrial revolution, modern people are entering the third pollution period marked by “indoor air pollution”.
  However, indoor air pollution is quite concealed, and many people are worried about how to relieve their worries while they are worried about staying in their homes.
To this end, the reporter wrote this article after extensive data collection and investigation interviews, and found out the five major culprits of indoor “toxic gas”, explored the four sources of indoor “toxic gas”, and pointed out three measures to eliminate indoor “toxic gas”.
  Indoor “toxic gas” – the four major sources of pollution The pollution of the building itself is the first source of indoor “toxic gas”.
There are two main types of concrete admixtures used in construction. One is to add concrete antifreeze to the concrete wall during the winter construction process, and the other is to increase the solidification speed of the concrete and use the high alkali concrete expansion agent.Early strength agent.
  The use of concrete admixtures is beneficial to increase the strength and construction speed of concrete.
However, these admixtures contain a large amount of ammonia substances, which are gradually reduced to ammonia gas in the wall and gradually released from the wall as a function of environmental factors such as temperature and humidity.
At the same time, if the radioactive materials contained in the stone and brick used in the building exceed the standard, it will cause radioactive pollution that is very harmful to the human body.
  Contamination of decoration materials In the interior decoration and various types of furniture production, various splints, veneers, wooden panels, reinforced and synthetic flooring are widely used.
  The harmful substances contained in the binder they use, free formaldehyde, are gradually released after the decoration and during the use of the furniture.
According to the data, the national health, construction, and environmental protection departments have conducted a spot check on interior decoration materials, and found that materials with toxic gas pollution accounted for 68%.
These materials enter the living room and cause more than 30 diseases of various organs such as the respiratory tract, digestive tract, and nerves.
  The pollution of indoor furniture Currently, the furniture materials on the market are mixed. Some furniture and its materials contain various pollutants such as formaldehyde and benzene.
According to the relevant information of the Indoor Environment Testing Center of China Interior Decoration Association, indoor air pollution of furniture has become the third largest source of pollution after building pollution and decoration pollution.
  Some experts believe that interior materials such as plywood, blockboard, medium density fiberboard and particleboard are quite polluting to indoor air.
  Daily life polluting people unwittingly “manufacture” a large amount of toxic gases in daily life.
For example, gas burning, cooking fumes and shower heating in kitchen bathrooms produce a large amount of toxic pollutants such as CO2, NO2, SO2, respirable particulate matter, halogenated hydrocarbons, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, etc.; mousse, hair gel hairdressing products, air fresheners, cleaningAgents, pesticides, etc. sometimes produce toxic and harmful chemical gases.

First-class bucket waist can try 11 ways to eat

First-class bucket waist can try 11 ways to eat

Click to buy the waist and abdomen has always been the most vulnerable part of the human body, so the appearance of the small belly has become a natural chapter.

In fact, the “small belly” may be caused by a little bloating, without excess meat.

Recently, the US “Prevention” magazine pointed out that in women over 40 years old and sedentary, bloating is a major cause of “small belly”, and the gradual bloating is gradually slow.

Therefore, if you want to reduce your abdomen, you can try the following simple methods.


Eat cereal breakfast.

Constipation is a major cause of abdominal swelling.

Therefore, eating a fiber cereal breakfast is good for peristalsis and relieves constipation.


Vegetables are steamed and eaten.

Studies have shown that half-steamed carrots provide the same amount of nutrients as unprocessed carrots, but occupy much less space in the digestive tract.

Therefore, vegetables should be eaten after steaming and eat as little as possible.


Avoid eating too hot.

Excessive consumption of black pepper, chili powder, chili sauce and other spicy foods will stimulate gastric acid secretion, leading to inflammation of the stomach.


Chew less chewing gum.

Chewing gum can cause air to enter the respiratory tract and be locked inside the tandem, causing bloating.


Eat less foods containing artificial sweeteners.

Sorbitol, xylitol, and mannitol are artificial sweeteners that cause bloating, and are commonly found in precipitated sodas and sugar-free chewing gums.


Reduce high starch food intake.

A large amount of glycogen (a type of glucose) is stored in the human muscle, and is stored together with about 3 grams of water per gram of glycogen.

However, most people do not need so much energy reserves.

Reduce high starch food intake, reduce bagels, pasta, pretzels, etc., and reduce excessive “liquid fuel” reserves in the body.


Eat beans.

Although beans are rich in plant proteins, beans, cabbage, and kale produce a lot of gas in the turbine.

If you want to eat beans, you can soak the beans for one night to avoid swelling.


More activities.

At least 5 minutes after a meal, the heartbeat and breathing speed up, stimulate the natural contraction of the intestinal muscles, help release the air that is locked in the injection channel, eliminate the pressure in the injection channel, speed up digestion, and prevent the effects of constipation and inflation.


Drink more water.

If the water intake is insufficient, the urination is reduced, and the waste will accumulate slowly on the body. Therefore, it is necessary to supplement the bloating to supplement enough water to promote the body’s metabolism.


Avoid acidic drinks.
Coffee, tea, juice and alcohol are all high-acid drinks and cause irritation of the reconstituted tract, causing bloating.

Eat more bananas.

When the ratio of potassium to sodium in the body is out of balance, it is possible to accumulate excess water, leading to bloating.

By increasing the potassium level in the body by eating more bananas, potatoes, spinach, etc., it can lower the sodium level, help the body to excess moisture, and achieve the waist effect.

The best physiological period slimming table makes you lean

The best physiological period slimming table makes you lean

The “physiological cycle slimming method” is quite scientific, and it has not been used for long-term dieting, let alone not eating sugar for a long time, because sugar-free body oxidation is easy to form a chronic disease.

There is almost no need to spend any extra money, and it will not rebound. It only requires perseverance and patience. I believe that if JMs can persist, it will definitely see the effect.

  The best physiological period slimming table 1.

Weigh the weight on an empty stomach every morning, record it, and record the main diet of three meals a day. When you step on the weight rebound or lose weight, it is better to summarize and control your diet.

I think this is very important.


It is absolutely not possible to diet during MC, which is not good for health.


After getting up the next morning after MC, do an extrusion exercise for about a quarter of an hour on an empty stomach.

There is no need to control the diet on this day.

But don’t overeat high-molecular and fried foods.


Drink plenty of water, the blood circulation will be significantly accelerated, and it will help the elimination of waste in the body.

After the water enters the human kidney, the body will use a lot of denaturation to excrete the water.

  The section of the slimming four-part of the physiological period – the calculation of the length of the slimming period: the first time after the start of MC?
7-day physiological performance: When the MC comes, because the secretion of progesterone drops, you start to feel depressed, depressed, feel a lot of pressure, often for no reason for depression, temper.

If you have insufficient sleep during this period, you will be overworked and have a short-term hyperpigmentation around your eyes. On the second and third days of MC, the skin becomes very sensitive and the resistance is reduced. You may have physical pain and your mood is often bad.Coupled with reduced hormone secretion, the skin becomes extremely dry and the pores become coarse. This change usually disappears on the fourth and fifth days after the start of the menstrual period.

  Slimming success index: ★ ★ ★ accelerated weight loss program: 1.

The recommended exercise time for this phase is 3 per week?
5 hours.


Don’t try to lose weight during this stage of dieting or super exercise, otherwise you will aim to “shape”.

The initial stage of MC is also a good time to shape the body, and excessive dieting can easily lead to dehydration but not slight.


You can choose a gentle freehand exercise, choose to simplify Tai Chi, Pilates and more.


If you are still annoyed before doing a freehand exercise, slow walking, jogging, and slow skating are all helpful.

  Healthy slimming recipes: 1.

Although the body is weak and weak, but can not overeating, you can eat more iron-containing foods and plant proteins that can enhance the absorption of iron.


Should be smoking alcohol and spicy hot foods such as peppers, green onions, garlic, pepper, ginger, cinnamon and barbecue fried food.


Do not eat cold and cold foods, such as a variety of cold drinks, cold dishes, raw melons, etc., in order to avoid poor blood circulation leading to lower extremity edema.


Eat less sour foods, such as various sauerkraut, plums, plums, green plums, lemons, etc.


There is a slight edema in the body and face, so don’t eat too salty food.

Eat more foods containing magnesium and B vitamins, such as bananas and animal livers, to make your metabolism better.

Drink plenty of water to replenish the body’s lack of water.
  Love Tip: At this stage, your weight loss exercise intensity and time should not be excessive.

At the same time avoiding sports that require skill and responsiveness, such as tennis and squash are not suitable, they are easy to make emotional changes due to mistakes.

  The second part of the song – the peak time calculation of slimming: the seventh after MC?
14-day physiological performance: women generally ovulate on the 14th day of MC, and the secretion of estrogen begins to decrease after the peak of estrogen secretion, while progesterone secretion begins to rise.

When the secretion of estrogen and androgen is strong, it will accelerate metabolism, feces, protein absorption and consumption, so it is the best time to do aerobic exercise in the week before ovulation.

This is the best time you feel in a month, both in mood and in the body, and in sports and challenges.

  Slimming success index: ★★★★★ Try a variety of aerobic exercise accelerated weight loss programs of your own interest: 1.

Exercise frequency should be kept as much as 2 hours per day or every other day, and at least 7 hours of exercise per week.


The most effective way to lose weight is to ask a personal fitness instructor to help you develop a weight loss exercise plan, let him know your physiological cycle, let him achieve the ideal state of exercise and weight loss goals during this time.


Running, swimming, and cycling are particularly easy to consume and are the best choice for those who want to lose weight.


At this point you can try a variety of aerobics that you are interested in, some aerobics, Latin dance, ballet and the like.

Because your physical strength and acceptability are first-class during this time, it is a waste to not exercise.

  Minimize the intake of high-metabolism, high-fat foods for healthy slimming recipes: 1.

This is a period of very easy to gain weight. If you can’t get a quick decomposition and turn it into adult accumulation, stay in the body, so try to reduce the transfer of high-emission, high-emission food.


Eat more foods that are good for digestion and metabolism, such as melon, celery, cold melon, etc., can speed up your slimming process.


It is recommended that you develop a one-week diet plan to keep yourself enough nutrition for 7 days without getting fat. In just 7 days, it is easy to adhere to and achieve twice the result with half the effort.

  Trilogy – Slimming time calculation: 14th after MC?
21 days of physiological performance: one week after the ovulation period, the role of egg cytokines became stronger, but because of the increased secretion of progesterone, the skin condition was disordered.

You won’t have any special feelings during this time, but the problem of the week before the physiological period is brewing. Your sebum secretion is progressive, melanin is activated, and acne may grow, and your mood may become more ups and downs, sometimes calm.Sometimes impatient.

  Slimming success index: ★ ★ ★ ★ accelerated weight loss program: 1.

Now it’s a favorable period of slimming, although the effect may not be as similar as the previous stage, but still get a good slimming performance.

It is recommended that JMs maintain a weekly exercise time of more than 6 hours.


Treadmills, aerobics and some equipment exercises can help you burn calories during this time, while tennis and ball exercises are the best choice.


If you don’t have time to go to the gym, you can choose to skip the rope as a slimming method. You can jump 200 or more every morning and evening, and the effect is very obvious.


It is best to use the rest day to go outdoors for long-distance running, mountain climbing and other long-term endurance aerobic exercise, which is extremely good for misfortune and a series of consumption.

  Do not over-fatigue healthy slimming recipes: 1.

In order to prepare for the next MC, enhance the substitution of iron and protein.


Eat high-fiber foods such as vegetables, fruits, whole grains, whole wheat noodles, coarse rice, oats and other foods.

Ingesting enough high-fiber foods can promote the release of estrus hormones and increase the amount of magnesium in the blood.

Eating some walnuts, cashews and other foods added to the B vitamins between the two meals will help to adjust the MC and calm nerves.

  Love Tip: Proper aerobic exercise can continue at this stage, but be careful not to get too tired and cause muscle damage.

  Quartet – Slimming slow time calculation: 21st after MC?
28-day physiological performance: progesterone secretion peaked at the 3rd week, and began to decline from the 4th week, the 20th?
24 days can do longer aerobic exercise, but the 24th?
In 28 days, the exercise time, frequency, and intensity should be gradually reduced.
During this time period, your feelings are more complicated. The energy in the early stage is still strong, but it is easy to fatigue in the later stage.

Due to the influence of hormones in the receptor, the progesterone hormones secreted in the body are very active, and the subcutaneous activity is slightly active. The physical conditions begin to interfere with each other, leading to greasy and acne conditions. At this time, you are about to return to the initial physiological state.
  Slimming success index: ★ ★ Continue the previous stage of aerobic exercise accelerated weight loss program: 1.

You can continue the aerobic exercise of the previous stage, and also need some strength training, the exercise time can be maintained around 3 hours a week.


A sporty and competitive sport like swimming can calm your mind and relieve premenstrual syndrome.


May 30 minutes of yoga practice every day, can make your body soft and calm, while proper pelvic local posture can promote blood circulation, reduce edema and dysmenorrhea.


If you prefer the gym, take the time (at least 20 minutes) every day to the dance machine, rowing machine, and treadmill.

  Healthy slimming recipes: 1.

The diet of MC one week before the tide should be light, digestible, nutritious, and supplemented with enough protein.

Eat more high-protein foods such as meat, eggs, tofu, and soy beans to supplement the nutrients and minerals lost during menstruation.


During this period, you will feel that your appetite is greatly increased. You don’t need to deliberately diet at this time. Just remember not to eat snacks and fried foods. You can eat no nightingale before going to bed.


Eat more green leafy vegetables and fruits, but also drink plenty of water to keep the excretion unobstructed and reduce pelvic congestion.


In the later days of this stage, you can eat more appetizing, digestible foods such as dates, noodles, glutinous rice porridge and so on.


Do not eat salty food, so as to avoid the increase of salt and water storage in the body, edema, headache and other phenomena.

It is recommended to start eating low-salt foods 7 days before the MC, and the above symptoms will be greatly alleviated.