[Fried Fruit Practice Guide]_Fried Method_How to Fry

[Fried Fruit Practice Guide]_Fried Method_How to Fry

Fruit is an indispensable part of our daily life. Fruit contains many nutrients required by the human body that are not found in other foods. Everyone often says that eating fruit often is good for your health.There are many ways to eat, and there are many different types of fruits. You can eat them directly, or you can decompose them to eat fried fruits. The method of fried fruits is introduced below.

Deep-fried bananas fried bananas Fried bananas eaten on the street are unimaginable.

Practice: 1.

The banana is cut into suitable pieces according to its length (can be cut or not, I want to make it riper a bit faster) 2.

Add an appropriate amount of condensed milk to the eggs and stir well with chopsticks 3.

Dip banana in a layer of flour, egg condensed milk, and bread crumbs in that order.

Put it in the oil pan and fry it over medium-low heat until the surface is golden.

Ingredients for strawberry crisps: 2 pieces, small strawberries and many eggs.

Practice: 1.

Prepare material 2.

Cut a large frozen sheet into 4 small squares, and break up the eggs3.

Fold the alignment into a triangle and use a knife at the edge 0.

5 lines at 4 cm.

Spread forward, brush egg liquid around the edges, and fold the left cut to the right.

Fold the right side to the top again, and brush the egg liquid 6 again after folding.

Place the prepared shape in a pre-preheated oven, bake it at 200 degrees for 10 minutes (bake until the thickness is about 4 times the original thickness) 7.

Already baked carbonic acid 8.

Add the strawberries to the baked carbonized middle.

Durian crisp ingredients: 250 grams of high-gluten flour, 1 egg accessory: 2 grams of salt, 160 grams of paste, 170 ml of water, 20 grams of sugar, and 5 grams of corn starch1.

Add water, flour, salt, and eggs (do not add all at once). Add the softened flour and smooth soft dough into the dough, and let it wake up for 10 minutes 2.

Durian meat is mixed with corn flour, softened paste, and sugar are all used as filling. Of course, you can only use durian meat for filling.

Wake up the dough and roll it into thick noodles. Put the softened pasty (paste the two layers of plastic film in the middle and roll it in the refrigerator and refrigerate it). Place it in half (the side is 2 cm more than the pastry).After rolling out, fold the end of the noodles to one-half and then fold the other end on top. Then fold three times in this way, cut with a circular mold, put the durian filling in half, and then use a smaller mold.Press the edge a little, and the egg yolk liquid 4 on the surface.

Bake at 200 degrees for 15 minutes.

Ingredients for fried apple rings: 2 apples, 1 egg, potato starch, and bread crumbs.

Method: 1. Wash and cut the apple and use the cola bottle cap to remove the middle 2. Flip the potato starch on both sides, turn the egg on the bread crumb 3, and put the bread crumb in the oil pan to fry the golden color.

[Can’t eat this part of scallop?

]_Eating Taboo_Eating Taboo

[Can’t eat this part of scallop?

]_Eating Taboo_Eating Taboo

Many people have bad eating habits. If they eat wrong for a long time, some gastrointestinal diseases often occur. Such patients should eat more food that can strengthen the spleen and stomach. This includes scallops. Scallops are especially suitable for those with weak spleen and stomach.In addition, women are very beautiful, and eating more scallops can play a role in beauty and skin care. In addition, eating scallops can also prevent cancer and cancer, etc., then some of them cannot be eaten?

Can’t eat this part of scallop?

1. Sand sac: The sand sac is the visceral part of the scallop, which is the black thing in the circle in the picture above. This viscera must be completely cleaned out. The inside is full of scallop poop and undigested food.

2. Gills: Those orange-red or orange-yellow, eyelash-shaped parts are the cheeks of scallops. It is also a part that cannot be eaten.

3. Skirt: The bottom white skirt-like part is edible. It will taste very good when it is used for cold dressing.

What to drink with scallops In Western recipes, scallops are usually processed by frying them in yellow or fried with bread flour.

It is usually served with semi-dry white wine.

To make scallops with white wine, this method sounds fresh, but it actually has some nutritional basis.

The polyunsaturated fatty acids contained in scallop meat are susceptible to oxidation during cooking, while the antioxidant content in white wine is richer, and the combination is more conducive to ensuring the nutritional content of scallops is not lost. In addition, fried scallops in white wine can effectively remove scallopSmell of the sea.

How to make scallops with garlic vermicelli: 6 scallops of scallops, 1 small garlic, 12 cloves of green onions, 1 small red pepper, 1 ingredient 2 (seasoning) vegetable oil 2-3 tablespoons cooking wine 2 tablespoons of salt and chicken essenceFish soup oil 1 large spoon tool: chopsticks roll the fans, divide the scallops in two, and then brush the shells inside and out with a brush.

Remove the black viscera sandbags and wash the rest. The skirt can be eaten if you clean it, and it can be removed if you mind.

You can leave only the scallop flesh and the yellow scallop yellow.

That’s it after washing.

Shellfish and scallop yellow were left.

Carefully remove the shellfish with a knife and place it in a small bowl. Marinate it with salt and cooking wine or wine to remove the fishy smell.

Add garlic to the bowl with garlic pressing forceps, add chopped green onions, and cut the red pepper into small filaments. Soak the fans in hot water for several minutes until soft. Roll the fans with chopsticks and place on the bottom of the scallops.Heat the shellfish in oil, add the garlic and stir-fry, stir-fry the garlic into a light yellow, and serve in a bowl. Mix in salt and steamed fish stew oil and chicken essence.

Spread the garlic on top of the shellfish, and drizzle the oil of fried garlic on top. Steam the scallops in the steamer for five or six minutes and then bring them out of the pan.

[Can I eat eggs if my throat is inflamed?

]_ Throat arthritis _ can you eat

[Can I eat eggs if my throat is inflamed?
]_ Throat arthritis _ can you eat

Inflammation of the throat will make the whole person very uncomfortable, and there will be pain in the throat, or symptoms such as burning and itching, and then the eating and speaking will increase the pain, even ordinary drinking and swallowing will be very uncomfortableCa n’t eat spicy and irritating food. Patients should eat more liquid food, and the food must be light. Can patients eat eggs?

Can I eat eggs if my throat is inflamed?
Inflammation of the throat is a relatively common disease in spring, especially in people with sensitive constitutions. Generally, when this disease occurs, the patient will often lose appetite, greasy and spicy things just want him (her) to eat, the other party can not go downThe pharynx, because of this, will now pay more attention to the nutritional supplement of the light diet, in which case eggs have become the food of choice.

However, in most people’s understanding, eggs seem to be inedible under certain circumstances, and even some doctor’s orders reflect this, for example, they can’t eat eggs when they have a fever.

Fever is one of the clinical manifestations of many diseases, and throat inflammation is one of them.

To solve this problem, we must first understand why some doctors say that they cannot eat eggs when they have a fever.

The more popular reason is that “eggs have a higher protein content, and they can be consumed during fever, which can easily increase the basal metabolic rate of the body. Not only can the body temperature be lowered, but physical variables are increased, which is not conducive to the recovery of the disease.

In most cases, the fever is caused by a bacterial or viral infection. During fever, the temperature of the body is increased, and the activity of digestive enzymes in the human body is inhibited, leading to a decline in digestive function, especially in the case of high fever.

As for eggs, an egg contains about 7.3 grams of protein, which can be converted into 29.2,000 kilocalories in the body. An additional twelve calories are required for digestion and absorption.

If only one or two eggs are eaten a day, this additional variable has little effect on the body temperature of the adult, and it has little effect on young children.

At the same time, a large number of research data show that the protein accumulation in eggs is very high in humans, which is significantly higher than other poultry and meat.

In summary, everyone is easily ingested, that is, eggs can be eaten when the throat is inflamed. In the case of fever, eating only 1 or 2 eggs a day has no adverse effect on the physical opportunity, but protein intake.Into the guarantee.

Of course, these corrections are that patients themselves are not allergic to food such as eggs.

In the end, I still hope that my friends can enjoy the beauty of spring while keeping their bodies healthy and away from diseases.

Funeng (600483): The rapid growth of the thermoelectric sector vigorously lays out offshore wind power

Funeng (600483): The rapid growth of the thermoelectric sector vigorously lays out offshore wind power
Event: On April 20, 2019, Funeng announced the 2018 annual report. The Liuzhi Power Plant is connected to the grid, and its power generation and revenue have increased significantly.Thanks to the integration of the Liuzhi Power Plant acquired by the company last year, Funeng shares generated 181 electricity in 2018.7.4 billion kWh, an increase of 71 in ten years.10%; Internet power 172.6.6 billion kWh, an increase of 69 every year.40%.The company achieved revenue of 93 in 2018.5.4 billion, an annual increase of 37.57%, achieving net profit attributable to the parent company10.50 ppm, an increase of 24 in ten years.52%, with an expected average ROE of 9.65%, increase by 1 every year.44 wind power revenues fluctuated slightly, and wind farms under construction were successively connected to the grid, and offshore wind power was actively deployed.As of 2018, the company holds 0 wind farms in Yunfeng.714GW, an annual increase of 0.05GW.Due to the uncertainty of wind resources, the number of wind power utilization hours in 2018 was 2,692 hours, at regular intervals5.11%.The company’s annual wind power generation in 2018 was 18.64 billion kWh, temporarily reduced by 1.05%, realized income 9.4 billion.The company’s holding company New Energy Company achieved net profit4.22 ‰, an average 西安耍耍网 of 8 in ten years.31%. The company approved that the wind power project under construction reached 1.071GW, of which offshore wind power reached 0.898GW, onshore wind power is 0.173GW.In addition, the company’s Changle offshore offshore wind power zone B (300,000 kilowatts), Putian Qunli (3.50 thousand kilowatts), Caoshan Phase II (2.(60,000 kilowatts) and other projects are in progress for project approval. According to the company’s announcement on April 2, 2019, the company’s Nanping Yangping 20MW wind farm and Yongchun Waishan 20MW wind farm project have been put into operation.The IRR of the company’s investment in wind power projects under construction are all higher than 8%, and subsequent production is expected to increase the company’s performance. The utilization hours of the thermoelectric sector increased 青岛夜网 significantly, and the performance increased rapidly.The company’s holding subsidiaries, Hongshan Thermal Power and Longan Thermal Power, are combined heat and power companies.In 2018, Hongshan Thermal Power generated 70 electricity.02 billion kWh, an increase of 10 in ten years.1%, the expected supply price is 379.61 for the first time, growing 10 per year.9%; Longan Thermal Power has achieved power generation 2.2.2 billion kWh, an increase of 188 in ten years.3%.Maximum funding 151.39 for the first time, with an annual increase of 133.59%.Judging from the average heating price, Hongshan’s average heating price in 2018 was 150.24 yuan / ton, excluding 2 temporarily.8%, Longan average heating price is 192.69 yuan / ton, basically the same as last year.In terms of net profit, Hongshan Thermal Power’s first net profit in 20184.390,000 yuan, an increase of 47 in ten years.22%; Longan Thermal Power achieved a net profit of 0.29 ppm, an increase of 329 in ten years.65%. Performance forecast: The company is expected to achieve revenue of 96-20 in 2019-2021.96/100.98/106.870,000 yuan, achieving a net profit of 13.49/15.66/18.66 ppm, an increase of 28 in ten years.5% / 16.0% / 19.2%, corresponding to an estimate of 11.5/9.9/8.3 times, maintaining the “overweight” level. Risk reminder: New energy subsidy policy is less than expected; coal prices remain high, and power generation costs increase.

China Life (601628): Low starting point for light performance

China Life (601628): Low starting point for light performance

Event: The company released its 2018 annual report and realized 114 net profit attributable to shareholders of the parent company.

0 ppm, ten years -64.

67%, corresponding to EPS.

39 yuan / share; 3183 net assets attributable to shareholders of the parent company.

700 million yuan, a decrease of 0 from the beginning of the year.

8%, corresponding to a BVPS of 11.

26 yuan / share; new life insurance business value is 495.

1.1 billion, a decrease of 17 per year.

6%; end-of-period embedded value is 7950.

52 trillion, an earlier increase of 8.

3%, corresponding to 28 EVPS.

13 yuan / share; divided into 0 dividends.

16 yuan (including tax), the dividend rate increased to 40%.

Investment highlights performance of at least -64 per year.

7% is mainly dragged down by the downturn in investment, and the risk of impairment and provision is released: the company has gradually realized net profit attributable to its mother, which has been -64.

7%, a substantial increase from the first three quarters of -26%, Q4 replaced by 84 in a single quarter.

700 million, mainly due to the increase and decrease in investment income in the equity market.

Yield, due to the decline in fund dividends, the net investment rate of return declined slightly.

27 points.

To 4.

64%; In addition, due to changes in the fair value of investment assets and impairment losses on AFS stock floating losses, the total investment yield / comprehensive 武汉夜生活网 investment yield fell by 1 respectively.

88 points.

/ 1.

44 points.

To 3.

28% / 3.

10%, this fair value change -81.

500 million (+38 last year.

700 million), asset impairment losses increase by +188 per year.

5% to -82.

100 million (Q4 single season -26.

Although the investment has weighed down on the performance of US $ 100 billion, in general, after the company’s significant realization of the situation in 2018, the investment investment in 2019 will be light, and the investment income is expected to grow with high flexibility.

NBV is at least -17.

6% was basically in line with expectations, and the value rate increased slightly compared with the first half of the year: the value of long-term company new business gradually decreased.

6% to 49.5 billion, the previous decline was narrowed by 6pct 天津夜网 compared to the first half.

Mainly: 1) New single premium replacement -23.

5% to 171.1 billion, but new health insurance orders +24.

1% to 50.7 billion, and the proportion of new health insurance orders increased by 11.

To 29.

6%, it is estimated that the company significantly reduced the bancassurance margin (previously -85.

5% to 86.

400 million), driving the first-year premium payment to account for the proportion of long-term insurance business from 64% to 90%. The number of new orders, duration and product structure continued to be optimized. 2) The value rate of new business has improved.Value ratio calculated by standard guarantee for ten years -3.

3 points

To 30.

5%, but compared to 23 in the first half.

9% increase, the value ratio of a type of insurance channel increased from 32% in the first half to 42% (expected to be the first half of the sales period of the limited value of the three-year annuity products).

The quality of agents has steadily improved, and the growth rate of new orders in 2019 has maintained a leading position, optimistic about subsequent value enhancement: the company actively promoted emptiness, and terminated the number of agents in the insurance channel at the end of the year by 1.44 million, up to -8.

8%, but monthly effective sales manpower for two years.

6%, the average monthly manpower sales of specific protection products is significantly +43.

At 4%, the hostage status improved steadily.

Beginning in 2019, the company will first release the “starter”, 4.

025% high-priced interest rate products help the company’s premium growth to be outstanding. It is expected that the growth rate of new orders in the first quarter will lead the industry and improve the business structure brought by the steady development of guaranteed products, which is optimistic about the company’s value increase in 2019.

In addition, after the new leader took office, he clearly put forward a blueprint for “reinvigorating China Life”, and subsequently improved the management mechanism and operating efficiency of the company, injecting new vitality into the old-fashioned life insurance leader.

Profit forecast and investment grade: The company’s investment end in 2018 will absorb losses. Equity investments are expected to enter the market lightly in 2019, and it will take the lead in launching “starters” in 2019. The premium growth rate will be excellent. It is expected that the company’s new order growth rate and NBV will lead in the first quarter.Industry.

It is expected that the company’s NBV growth rate in 2019 and 2020 will be 16 respectively.

1%, 9.

9%, the current valuation of A shares and H shares are only 0.

81, 0.

56x 2019 PEV, with a low estimation advantage in the long run, maintain the company’s “Buy” rating.

Risk reminders: 1) The subsequent sales of guaranteed products are less than expected; 2) Long-term interest rates continue to fall affecting the investment side; 3) Investment income gradually declines.

Daqin Railway (601006): Daqing Line ‘s July traffic volume interval is 4%, focusing on the impact of economic and diversion

Daqin Railway (601006): Daqing Line ‘s July traffic volume interval is 4%, focusing on the impact of economic and diversion

The company’s recent situation Daqin Railway announced its July production and operation data.

In July, the Daqin Line completed the top of the cargo volume of 3729, 4 at regular intervals.

0%, better than June’s replacement 7.

8%, worse than the growth of 6 in the same period last year.


The average daily volume in July was 120.

In March (the average daily traffic volume in June was 119.

4 initial).

From January to July, the Daqin Line has gradually completed its traffic volume2.

6 billion tons, 3 years before.

3%, worse than the growth of 7.


The traffic volume is mainly due to the relatively weak demand for coal and the high base last year.

Comment on the Da Qin Line’s traffic volume is continuously affected by the potential impact of insufficient demand.

In the first half of this year, the electricity consumption of the whole society increased for ten years.

0%, slower than the growth rate of 9 in the same period last year.

4%; in the first half of the year, the national power generation increased for three years.

3%, significantly slower than the growth rate of 8 in the same period last year.


And because of water and electricity (previously 成都桑拿网 increased by 11.

8%), thermal power output increased only 0 in the first half of the year.


Looking forward, transportation volume still needs to pay attention to the impact of the economic environment on coal demand.

The coal consumption rate of the six major power plants has improved since July, but the inventory is still at a reasonable level of more than 20 days. At the same time, because the peak season is not busy, the supply is loose, and the downward price of thermal coal is expected to continue, so we expect coal replenishment inventory demandNot big.

2H still needs to observe the impact of the macroeconomic environment on the traffic volume, but a low base may bring relatively good results: 1) As the traffic volume of the Daqin Line was affected by water damage in August last year, the traffic volume 杭州桑拿 may increase every year;Affected by macroeconomics, this base ranks in the first half of the year.

The policy promotes the growth of railway freight transport and pays attention to the diversion effect of other routes.

Driven by the “increase in freight” policy, the growth of railway freight volume continued to accelerate.

The national railway freight volume increased by 9 in July.

2%, coal transportation volume increases by 5 per year.

At 5%, the Wazi and Zhangtang lines have grown rapidly (both achieved a 10% growth rate in July), and the Menghua Railway opened to traffic in October. We recommend paying attention to the impact of other lines on the diversion of the Daqin Line.

Estimated to recommend 2Q performance preview.

The 1H Daqin line gradually transports traffic every three times.


The 2Q traffic is every two times.

6% (1Q short-term cap 3.

We expect 2Q net profit to be roughly flat and 1H net profit to fluctuate by 2%.

The traffic volume of the Daqin Line is slightly inclined. The change trend of investment income from Shuohuang is similar to that of the Daqin Line. The other lines perform better.
Maintain 2019/20 profit forecast of US $ 14.9 billion (ten years + 2%) / 15.1 billion euros (ten years + 2%).

At present, it generally corresponds to 2019/20 July.

6 times / 7.

5 times price-earnings ratio.

Based on high dividends, maintain outperform rating and RMB10.

The target price of 12 yuan corresponds to 10 in 2019/20.

2 times / 9.

9x P / E ratio and 6.

5% / 6.

6% dividend yield, 33% upside.

Risks The macroeconomic growth was less than expected, the Daqin Line relocated the water port, and other railway lines were diverted.

Would you be an emotional smuggler?

Would you be an emotional smuggler?

Although you do n’t have a large appetite, you really like to eat a full-buffet buffet. You know that it ‘s very uneconomical to eat on your own terms, but no matter how hard you try, you ca n’t restrain your desire to eat.

  In particular, when you have a difficult plan to perform, or a painful task must be completed, you will always tell yourself: “Have it done, and you will be full!”

“The most attractive thing about a full buffet is that you can eat a variety of different cooking methods at once, and the variety of dishes makes people feel excited when they look at it, just like the emperor was eating a full Han feast.

  Depending on your appetite, it may take up to an hour, and you will not be able to take it full, so you should eat the food you most want to eat first. Excuse me, what do you take first?

  A salad B cold dish C main dish D soup result analysis ★ If you choose A, you will experience the reality of emotional smuggling because you want to try a fresh feeling or almost the same status quo.

You are not smuggled because of care and deliberateness, so in general it will not cause a disaster, and you will still feel that you are still in the old hobby.

  ★ People who choose B, you are a high-risk group for emotional smuggling, because your mood is unstable, and you always sit in this mountain and look at the mountain. Without knowing it, of course, you have some parts you ca n’t own.Once the expectations of the other party are not low, the incident of gunfire and fire will happen immediately, and even the price must be paid, and they can still be happy.

  ★ The person who chooses C is a person with a sense of responsibility. Even if you sometimes feel emotional because of the affection, but it is only limited to the impulse of the moment, and you are afraid of trouble.After the incident, it will take a lot of effort and aftermath, or obediently be a love loyalty!

  ★ If you choose D, you may not only have emotional smuggling, but also unknowingly, the situation like you is the most dangerous, because when you find it, it is often difficult to recover.

  You should have a good persuasive rational moral persuader by your side. When you are likely to be smuggled emotionally, you can pull a knife to prevent you from losing your hatred forever.

Spring Skin Allergies: 6 Steps to Condition Sensitive Skin

Spring Skin Allergies: 6 Steps to Condition Sensitive Skin

Skin allergy how to do?

Spring is a spring season, and people’s moods become happy, but for the skin-susceptible MM, it is a season of love and hate.

Because this season, the MM of sensitive skin can easily cause allergies due to contact with pollen.

Skin allergy how to do?
Is there any way to avoid skin allergies in spring?

  Most of the common skin allergies in the season are caused by pollen. In addition, improper diet, poor air environment, and the use of cosmetics may also cause skin allergies.

Therefore, the sensitive muscle MM should pay special attention to daily details and use appropriate skin care products.

Skin allergy how to do?
The following editors tell you 6 guidelines for preventing spring allergies.


Avoid using too much water to wash your face. Excess water temperature will stimulate the ruptured blood vessels to expand and damage the stratum corneum. The necessary natural moisturizers will be lost and the skin will become more fragile and fragile.

Therefore, apply warm water about 20 degrees to cleansing when changing seasons.


Avoid excessive pulling of the skin When skin is sensitive, use skin care products to avoid transitions, just tap and let it absorb.

The reason is that skin lesions are often accompanied by skin lesions during massage. Massage will aggravate skin inflammation and induce a large amount of pigmentation.


Avoid using irritating skin care products When using skin care products, try to avoid products containing alcohol because it will make the skin drier and irritate the blood vessels under the skin.

In addition, neither acne-based skin scrubs nor physical scrub scrub products are suitable for use at this time.


People who regularly clean oily skin deeply due to the strong secretion of oil, metabolized dead skin and air dust are easy to stick to the skin. This will easily eliminate pores, form blackheads and acne, and add to the allergy symptoms.

So you should clean your skin deeply once a week and use exfoliating cleansing products and cleansing masks to clean the dirt and keep your pores clear.


Do a good job of hydrating and moisturizing every time the working temperature rises, the skin oil secretion is 10 times higher.

It picks up quickly in spring, and the skin suddenly wakes up from the dry state in winter. The water evaporates suddenly and begins to secrete sebum vigorously.

The imbalance of water and oil is caused by lack of water.

Spring skin care should start with hydration and alleviate skin dehydration, so as to reduce skin sensitivity.


People who go out to do sun protection measures Sensitive skin especially should take sun protection measures to protect against allergies caused by UV rays, but at the same time, it is also necessary to prevent the choice of sunscreen, because some sunscreen contains some chemicals that can cause skin allergies.

Four secret recipes to help you with onychomycosis

Four secret recipes to help you with onychomycosis

Onychomycosis is a very common dermatological disease. I believe that there may be so many or two onychomycosis patients around you.

Onychomycosis looks very inconspicuous, but it is more difficult to treat. What should I do if I get onychomycosis?

If you also want to know how to treat, please continue reading!

  What should I do if I have onychomycosis? The first step is to go to the dermatologist to see a doctor to confirm the onychomycosis, and then treat it after confirming that onychomycosis, because other diseases may have symptoms similar to onychomycosis.wrong.

  Your doctor will usually prescribe the right medicine for you, including things to clean or apply.

It is recommended that you follow the doctor’s advice, and you can also cooperate with some folk secret recipes, so the effect will be better!

  Patients with onychomycosis treated with iodine can remove the nail skin first, and then apply iodine every day, rubbing about 3-5 times a day.

After one month of persistence, you will notice that the nails of the white skin slowly turn into red, and the nails will gradually grow better.

  Vinegar treats onychomycosis. Pour white vinegar into plastic gloves, then put onychomy gloves into the gloves, and use rubber bands to tie up the mouth.

Soak it for 3-5 hours every day. After 3 days, the symptoms of the affected hands will be changed, and the onychomycosis can be cured in 1-2 months.

  Vinegar and garlic liquid for treating onychomycosis Peel and rot the 4-5 cloves of garlic, then add it to a glass bottle, add 100ml of better quality vinegar, and put it in vinegar and garlic liquid for three or four days. It is simple butVery useful method.

  Put the onychomycosis in the vinegar and garlic solution every day for about 15 minutes, and then wrap some vinegar and garlic solution on the affected area, once in the morning and evening, until all the symptoms disappear.

  After that, apply Pavou gray nail water, apply medicine within a few weeks, and apply it locally until the healthy fingernails grow back and grow.

  Impatiens treatment for gray nails. Go to 2-3 white Impatiens and rot them, wrap them on your nails, change them every day, and it will take effect in about 1 month.

  Another remedy is to soak impatiens in vinegar, and soak onychomycosis in vinegar for about 10 minutes every day. It will take effect in 7 days, but it will hurt the skin.

  How to prevent onychomycosis develop good sanitary habits. Always pay attention to hygiene, bathe regularly, and wash your feet.

Socks are changed every day, and shoes should be worn in pairs.

Blow your shoes often in a ventilated place and bask in the sun.

  Strengthening physical exercise to strengthen the body’s resistance, at the same time pay attention to proper nutritional regulation, enhance the body’s ability to resist pathogenic fungi, and greatly improve the ability to resist fungal infections.

  Avoid cross-infection, do not share daily necessities with others, do not share washing equipment with others, etc. to avoid cross-infection.

Do not borrow shoes, socks, foot basins, foot towels, etc. This is also an effective way to prevent indirect infection.

  Pay attention to hygiene and maintain the hygienic condition of the living environment. Never give extra things to create a suitable external environment for growth and reproduction.

Frequently change bed linen and clothing, change socks frequently, and pay attention to indoor ventilation.

Aggravating if there is daily necessities for patients with tinea pedis, it should be regularly disinfected with boiling water or sterilized with sunlight.

  Causes of onychomycosis Athlete’s foot and foot ringworm infection is also one of the main transmission channels of onychomycosis, because tinea pedis is caused by the prevention of infection. It is consistent with the fungus species of onychomycosis.If you have onychomycosis, especially when your toenails are injured, you must treat it in time. Do n’t try to scratch it. This will easily cause onychomycosis.

  Low immunity is another way of spreading onychomycosis, especially patients with congenital immune deficiency are susceptible to the disease of skin and mucous membrane Candida, and Candida albicans in this disease likes to invade nailsGrooves, nail beds, and decks, which lead to onychomycosis.

  Avoid cross-infection, do not share daily necessities with others, do not share washing equipment with others, etc. to avoid cross-infection.

Do not borrow shoes, socks, foot basins, foot towels, etc. This is also an effective way to prevent indirect infection.

  Pay attention to hygiene and maintain the hygienic condition of the living environment. Never give extra things to create a suitable external environment for growth and reproduction.

Frequently change bed linen and clothing, change socks frequently, and pay attention to indoor ventilation.
Aggravating if there is daily necessities for patients with tinea pedis, it should be regularly disinfected with boiling water or sterilized with sunlight.

TCM teaches you how to look at pupil color to identify diseases

TCM teaches you how to look at pupil color to identify diseases

The pupil, the hole in the center of the iris, is the channel through which light enters the eye.

Normal pupils are round, triangular, and about 25 mm in diameter. They are colored like a pool of well water, black holes, and clear.

If the pupil sphincter contracts, the pupil shrinks and is dominated by the parasympathetic nerve of the oculomotor nerve; if the pupil enlargement muscle contracts, the pupil dilates and is dominated by the sympathetic nerve.

The pupil can be reduced or enlarged by the intensity of light.

Under normal indoor light, if the pupil diameter is less than 1.
5 mm or more, irregular edges, slow response to light, etc., are all ill.

  The size of the pupils on both sides is common in cerebral hemorrhage, cerebral thrombosis, brain tumors, etc .; Dilated pupils are more common in craniocerebral trauma, cerebrovascular disease, severe Japanese encephalitis, and purulent meningitis. The pupils are reduced in size and more common in ethanol(Also known as alcohol) poisoning, sleeping pills poisoning, and pontine tumors and pontine hemorrhage in the elderly can also be seen in diabetes (due to the dilation of the pupils by the autonomic nerves, and diabetes causes autonomic nerve damage, which can affect the diastolic function of the pupils,According to clinical findings, diabetic people have smaller pupils than normal people).

In addition, organophosphorus poisoning can also reduce pupils, and needle-like pupils can occur during morphine poisoning.

The left and right pupils are extremely different in size, or are not round pupils: common in the spinal cord nucleus and cerebrospinal syphilis.

In open areas, “sexually transmitted diseases” should be checked, diagnosed and treated early, and they can be cured.

  Pupil blanching is seen in cataracts, iris ciliary body inflammation, glaucoma, high myopia, or systemic diseases such as diabetes, hand and foot convulsions, and other complications. It can also be caused by trauma.

More common are senile cataracts. According to statistics, cataracts are the number one cause of blindness.

When you have cataracts, you can see through the cornea that the pupils appear white. This is due to the cloudiness of the lens.

Cataracts can occur in the elderly, people with diabetes, or eye trauma.

If you find that your pupils have turned white, you should go to the ophthalmology department for a detailed examination.

  The pupils turn yellow. Flashlights or lights illuminate the pupils, and a yellow light reflection like cat eyes at night is emitted deep in the fundus. Doctors call this eye disease “black masked cat eyes”, which is mostly the manifestation of retinoblastoma.

Most of these eye diseases are found in children under 7-8 years of age, have certain familial and hereditary characteristics, and have high malignancy. If they are not treated in time (removed eyeballs), when flexible cells spread to the skull, outside the eye or distantOrgans can be fatal.

A few are seen in the eyes with suppuration (vitreous abscess).

  Pupil redness is common in ocular trauma or certain intraocular bleeding disorders.

Depending on the amount of bleeding in the eye, there can be different forms, and vision can be damaged to varying degrees.

  The pupil is blue. There is a certain amount of pressure in the normal eyeball. This plays an important role in maintaining normal blood circulation and metabolism in the eyeball. When glaucoma occurs when the intraocular pressure (the content of the eye on the wall of the eyeball) is too high, it can be caused by corneal fogging.Edema and a series of changes in the eye make the pupil emit a bluish green reflection, and glaucoma (also known as green cataract) is transformed into a name.

Glaucoma patients, their eyes will become like a hard rubber, and their eyes will feel dilated and painful. If you do not rush to seek medical treatment, you will be in danger of blindness.